The TWU Health & Safety Taskforce will be updating the information below throughout the summer as federal, provincial, and Post-Secondary Guidelines are reviewed and we are provided more details ahead of the 2021 Fall Semester.

All individuals entering Canada are required to self-isolate for 14 days per Federal Travel Requirements.

Below are details, including links to several resources for students, and instructions on how to navigate this process.  

Students choosing to complete their quarantine off-campus must still register their quarantine plan with TWU, by mandate of the B.C. Ministry of Education. If this applies to you, please complete the following form to receive an official enrolment confirmation letter and register your quarantine plan with TWU.

Submit Quarantine Travel Plan and Request Letter

Self-assessment and reporting expectations while in isolation  

  • All travellers to Canada are required to use the ArriveCan app after they have entered Canada to confirm arrival to quarantine location, and to submit daily symptom self-assessments.
  • Students will also be expected to submit a daily report with TWU Public Health Nursing staff to share the results of the self-assessment. Details on these expectations will be provided closer to your arrival.  

TWU Self-Assessment Form

What to do if you have symptoms while in isolation  

  • Complete a Self-Assessment and follow the recommendations.  
  • Follow the process to notify TWU Public Health staff about your symptoms.     
  • If testing is recommended, TWU will be equipped to conduct testing on campus utilizing current BCCDC guidelines or will help you access off-campus testing if needed.
  • Should you become ill enough to require medical attention, the campus team will help you access care off-site with a local medical professional or our nearest hospital.  
  • Expect a daily check-in from campus staff (either a Community Life staff member or a Public Health Nurse, depending on your situation) for the duration of your isolation.  

Be prepared (physically and mentally) for self-isolation   

  • Read the Returning to Canada Fact Sheet to familiarize yourself with the expectations of the Public Health Authorities.
  • We will be here to support you during your isolation period! If you need anything, don’t hesitate to reach out to @twustudentlife.  
  • Here are some ideas for a successful quarantine that includes more than finishing every show on Netflix:  
    • Start a new book or reread a favourite series.  
    • Create an exercise routine you can do in your room—check out @TWURecreation for ideas. 
    • Jump on the Animal Crossing bandwagon.  
    • Start journaling—connect with @twudiscipleship for direction or ideas.  
    • Learn how to knit—you might have the coolest sweater this winter!  
    • Bring a couple of puzzles.  
    • Create a routine of connecting with family or friends via video calls.  

What to bring

  • Non-medical mask or face covering (i.e., made with at least two layers of tightly woven fabric, constructed to completely cover the nose and mouth without gaping, and secured to the head by ties or ear loops)
  • Thermometer
  • Hand soap
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol
  • Dish soap (if in an apartment)
  • Regular laundry soap
  • Regular household cleaning products
  • Appropriate cleaning products for high-touch electronics