1. Routine daily screening for all staff and students.

  • Students agree to self-assessing everyday this when they sign the resident agreement.
  • Self-screening app from the BCCDC  (here)

  1. Routine and frequent environmental cleaning.

    1. Additional signage in community and public washrooms and throughout residence buildings reminding residents, staff and visitors to wash their hands.
    2. Hand sanitizer dispensers in each building entrance and on each floor.
    3. Enhanced cleaning and sanitizing.
      1. Clear guidelines for use of shared spaces will be posted in each area.
      2. Expectations for apartment and dorm cleanliness will be provided.
  1. Students and staff who have the symptoms of a cold, flu, or COVID-19 with coughing or sneezing: not coming into classes or taking part in extra curricula activities and sports.

    1. Are expected to self-isolate and refrain from any extra curricula activities until symptoms are gone in accordance with the BC Center for Disease Control guidelines, or otherwise directed by Public Health or your health care provider.
    2. If you are unsure what to do you can always call the HealthLink BC at 8-1-1, the Wellness center or your own health care professional.
    3. The school will have a limited number of self-isolation units set aside for residents who have been directed by public health to self-isolate or quarantine.
  1. In our resident buildings

    1. Each resident will sign a resident agreement that will outline their responsibility and participation in keeping our campus safe.
    2. Each resident will have their own room in an apartment or dorm and will share bathroom facilities. Your dorm or your apartment is your effective household for the duration of your stay.
    3. Guest Policy:
      1. Dorm-style residences: given the larger numbers of students there will be no guests permitted in the actual dorm space; shared spaces within residence halls will be used to ensure physical distant social connections for students who are living in these settings to engage in as they choose.  
      2. Apartment residences: these spaces range from 1-3 bedrooms and students will be allowed to identify one guest each who may access the apartment. All guests will be registered and logged for routine health screening upon entry and in the event contact tracing will be required.
    4. In keeping with directives from our local and provincial health authorities, common spaces are now subject to the max capacity approved by our TWU COVID-19 Health and Safety Committee. These expectations will be posted clearly in each area. Indoor communal spaces will adhere to physical distancing guidelines.
      1. Clear posters will indicate the max allowable capacity in each space.
      2. And posters explaining guidelines for use (i.e. expected user cleaning)
      3. This does not include inside your apartment or inside your dormitory.
    5. We recommend (but do not require) the use of cloth masks when the 2 metres distance is not possible.
    6. Key-card access will be limited to the residents of each building 24 hours per day.

Student Resident Agreement