Living on-campus in Langley

Last Updated: June 17, 2022

Trinity Western’s Langley campus is home to nearly 1000 students (August – April) in a mix of single and double occupancy dorm, suite-style and apartment housing. Health and safety of residents, their guests and TWU staff is our priority and includes preventing the spread of communicable diseases like COVID-19.

Current Public Health Measures

The BC Center for Disease Control (BCCDC) strongly encourages students living in post-secondary housing to be vaccinated against COVID-19 as it is the best layer of protection available for preventing infection and serious illness caused by the virus. TWU residents are not required to provide proof of vaccination to qualify for a place in housing.

Regular cleaning of residence halls, including dorm bathrooms and common spaces, is done daily by our Campus Services Team. Extra cleaning supplies are accessible through Community Life for isolating students living in dorms or suite-style shared housing.

The BCCDC recommends masks be worn when inside public spaces – in residence halls this would be common spaces outside of individual apartments or dorms – although they are currently not required to be worn by residents or their guests.

Common Spaces & Social Gatherings

Residence Halls have lounges and common spaces accessed by residents and their guests for informal socializing and formal events. Users of these shared spaces are expected to follow any/all posted guidelines and/or signage.

Planning a TWU event? All hosts must review the TWU Safe Event Standards for which they are responsible. Large events of >150 people are still reviewed for health and safety by the TWU Public Health Team; hosts should email at least 2 weeks ahead of their planned event date.

Dining Services

Residents on meal plans primarily access the Main Cafeteria. Other options include the Bookstore Café, Rooted, the Lower Cafeteria and Starbucks. Details on all TWU food services can be found on Sodexo’s TWU website.

Residents in isolation can arrange to pick up their meals from the Main Cafeteria. See the below Isolation Guidelines for more information.

Student Accountability

Living on-campus is an amazing opportunity to build relationships with your peers. Every resident is responsible for contributing to a healthy, safe, and respectful community. As part of the Resident Agreement, all students living in housing commit to abiding by all public health orders in place. Failure to meet these expectations and others articulated in the Student Handbook may involve accountability which includes a graduated sanctions process.

Not feeling well?

The BC Center for Disease Control (BCCDC) has an excellent online resource to help you navigate what to do if you have any symptoms of illness. Based on your symptoms, you will receive recommendations around if you need to self-isolate, get tested or seek further health care provider follow-up.

COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool

A full list of symptoms of COVID-19 and resources on what to do if you have COVID-19 are online through the BCCDC.


    Learn More

    Residents who test positive for COVID-19 or are directed to self-isolate by a health care provider must follow the steps below for the duration of their isolation period.

    • Notify your RA and/or RD that you are isolating. They are your primary resource for questions you cannot find answers for here or in the Resident Self-Isolation Summary.
    • If you are accessing an isolation suite on-campus, the RD will arrange for you to get the room key.
    • When isolated you need to stay in your private bedroom/isolation suite. You are not allowed to have visitors or guests while you are isolating.
    • Access medical assessment and resources through the Wellness Center on weekdays.
      • If the Wellness Center is unavailable, you can call Fraser Health 7 days/week from 10 AM – 10 PM. See more details.
      • If you have severe symptoms or extreme concern, please call 911.


    • If you are fully vaccinated, isolation is 5 days (Day 0 being the date of first symptom onset or the date of testing if no symptoms at that time) if the case has no fever after day 5 and symptoms are improving.
    • If you are NOT fully vaccinated, isolation is 10 days (Day 0 being the date of first symptom onset or the date of testing if no symptoms at that time).
      • If both roommates have COVID-19 they do not need to isolate from each other.
    • You can go outside IF you are masked, stay on TWU property and stay away from others. Going for a walk and getting fresh air is considered a necessary reason to leave your room because it is vital to your recovery and overall well-being.
    • If you are accessing a shared bathroom or kitchen space while isolating:
      • You must mask when accessing these commons spaces, and for brief periods of time only.
      • Enhanced cleaning in dorms – isolating student are expected to clean shared equipment or spaces after use with materials provided by campus services. 
    • Laundry: isolating residents should avoid using shared laundry services, however if urgently needed, choose a low-traffic time, wear a mask, and fold your laundry in your room!
    • At the end of your isolation period, complete the discharge form online through the link provided to you at the start of your isolation and follow the directions listed.
      • If you have been relocated, you must notify your RD or the RD on-call if it’s a weekend that you have left the isolation suite so you can return your room key, access card and the space can be cleaned. 


    Students in isolation can access shared kitchen/equipment for short periods to prepare or reheat their meals if they are masked.

    PLEASE NOTE: The Main Cafeteria and other campus food services are usually closed or on modified schedules between semesters (i.e.  After exams finish before Winter Break and over the summer session). During these times students isolating in residence must arrange their own food and/or meal delivery.


    • Students in isolation who are on a meal plan must pick-up their meals from the Main Cafeteria. Please use this link to complete the online order form with Sodexo. 


    • Students in isolation who are not on a meal plan can arrange to pick-up meals from the Main Cafeteria by purchasing a Block 10 Plan (minimum 10 meals). Please use this link to indicate you are are not on a meal plan to receive instructions on how to purchase the Block 10 Plan and complete your online order form. 
    • Grocery delivery can be arranged through local stores (Save-On-FoodsSuperstoreWalmart). Isolating students can collect their groceries, or take-out delivery, from the main entrance to their building while masked.

    PLEASE NOTE: Meal pick-up will be located near the service hallway between the Main Cafeteria and Student Life and any student picking up a meal MUST be masked the entire time.