1. Who is eligible for Tuition Benefit?

The Tuition Benefit is available to:

  • Employees (1 Undergraduate Course or 1 ACTS Seminary Course)
  • The Spouse of an Employee (1 Undergraduate Course if the employee works 24 hrs/week or 5/8ths of faculty workload, and has 6 months of service with TWU.)

2. What is covered under the Tuition Benefit program?

Undergraduate - the program will cover the actual tuition costs for one regularly scheduled TWU undergraduate course (maximum of 3 semester hours). Fees for course change appeals, withdrawal fees, lab fees, etc. are NOT covered. Directed Study courses, Applied Music lessons (i.e. private voice, guitar, piano lessons etc.) and contracted-out courses (i.e. ESLI delivered courses) are NOT covered under the program.

ACTS - the program will cover the actual tuition costs for a regularly scheduled ACTS Graduate course (maximum of 3 semester hours). Doctoral study, Directed Study, Correspondence and contracted-out courses offered by ACTS are NOT covered.

3. Are the classes taxable?

Both the undergraduate and the graduate benefits are deemed non taxable for employment related courses and taxable for personal interest courses (but a T2202A will be issued for taxable courses)

4. How do I apply for the Tuition Benefit Program?

Step 1: Fill in the on-line application form found in the Human Resources link on the Intranet. The link is available in August 1 through October 31 for spring semester registration, and January 1 through March 31 March for summer and fall semester registration.

Step 2: Submit the application on-line. HR gives approval and sends your information to the Registrar's office.

Step 3: You will then need to register for your course. This can be done through the Registrars office, or TWU Extension depending on the course you are taking.

Step 4: Wait to receive invoice from Registrar's office regarding payment amount (depending on percentage of discount)

Step 5: Pay fees not covered by the benefit (course fees, and books), tuition will be covered by HR

** Please direct any questions regarding the tuition benefit application process to HR. Any questions regarding specific courses and/ or course registration to the Registrar's office or TWU Extension.

5. Where do I find Time Records?

Go onto the TWU Intranet under Human Resources and then under the folder 'Time Records'.

Save it to your computer and record hours worked, time away for sickness, vacation, etc. At the beginning of each new year (January) you will submit this document to your supervisor.

6. Where are the job postings?

You can find job postings for staff and faculty positions here.

7. When do I start collecting sick days?

Starting the first of the month after 3 months of employment. They are earned at one per full month worked to a maximum of 18 banked.

8. When do I have to submit hourly timesheets?

Immediately after the 2nd and 18th of every month. Monthly timesheets are submitted immediately after month-end.

9. When is my pay day?

Pay dates for employees are the 15th and the last day of the month.

10. Can I have direct deposit?

Yes. Bring in a void check to the Payroll department and sign your permission on the "Direct Deposit Authorization" form, available on the TWU intranet under Payroll.

11. What do I do if my tax situation has changed?

Fill out a new TD1 and TD1 BC form and forward it to the Payroll department. The forms can be found on the TWU intranet under Payroll or requested from the Payroll department.