Discounts and Privileges

From time to time special discounts are negotiated with suppliers of Trinity Western University. For each occurrence an announcement will be issued. Examples could include cell phones, banking services and TWU bookstore discounts to name a few.

Children of employees are eligible to apply for the Torch Benefit to cover undergraduate studies at Trinity Western University. The net amount is a taxable benefit to the recipient

Personal Development

We promote and develop Human Resources structures and processes that encourage all employees to fulfill God's calling for their particular role, gifts and potential. This includes developing servant leadership skills as well as vocational and performance skills. The University offers tuition bursaries, professional development and performance reviews based on performance planning and coaching. In addition, it offers both formal and informal training opportunities that are designed to encourage and inspire as well as teach.


Many departments of the University have approved annual budgets for professional development. Applications to attend professional development opportunities that apply directly to one's departmental responsibilities must be made to the Vice President or supervisor as designated. Professional association fees will be paid by the University for staff in management classification who are required to maintain a professional designation so that their standing within the particular organization is not jeopardized. Human Resources should be advised of all such fees paid.


The Staff and Faculty Undergraduate is provided to encourage staff and faculty to pursue courses that will improve their overall effectiveness in their respective positions as well as enhance development in their personal and spiritual lives. Regular full and part time staff are eligible to take (for credit or audit) one university undergraduate course per semester and their spouses are eligible to take one university undergraudate course per semester . This privilege is available immediately upon employment, limited to a maximum of 3 credit hours per semester, and is subject to the supervisor's approval. For a full copy of the policy, conditions, requirements and limitations, please contact the Human Resource Office.


The Trinity Western University library plays a key role in the professional development and leadership growth process by providing learning for all employees. It serves as an extension of the personal growth process by providing learning resources and services for research projects, term and course papers, and presentations. Staff are encouraged to utilize this valuable, growing variety of resources and have only to present their staff card in order to be accorded borrowing privileges.

Visit the library website here.

Safety & Wellness

As a University, we benefit from having a number of services that are available to you as an employee. Such services include a fully operational medical center with a doctor and nurse, licensed counsellors and 24-hour campus security on site. Furthermore, we know that creating a safe and supportive work environment is essential. Therefore, in times of injury, know you will be taken care of. Our Occupational Health and Safety Committee along with the Human Resources Department are positioned to help you so that you are ready to come back to work in full health. Complying with Workers' Compensation and BC Employment Standards is never an option, but always a requirement for employees at TWU.

Since TWU believes in wellness for everyone, there are a number of opportunities to be involved with fitness. Our fully equipped weight room, gymnasium, along with recreational activities allow employees to get more out of the University. Maybe you want to be involved with intramural sports, or play tennis during your breaks. Whatever it is, we probably have it here for you!

Compensation and Benefits

Trinity Western University offers a competitive compensation package consisting of salary, vacation, life, health, dental and disability benefits as well as retirement savings and education benefits. Our benefits plans are reviewed regularly to ensure they respond to employee needs and are competitive in the overall benefits market.

Position descriptions are evaluated on a graduated scale and salaries are assigned based on a step system that reflects the employee’s experience and expertise.

Time Off

Trinity Western University offers several opportunities for time off:


Vacation time is earned by those in regular full and part time positions consistent with their status. Vacation is earned from date of employment (DOE) to succeeding anniversary dates and is taken between January and December following the DOE. Full time staff start with 10 days (2 weeks) for non-management and 15 days (3 weeks) for management. Then, on the basis of additional years of experience staff add additional days annually to the campus maximum of 25 days (5 weeks).


Trinity Western University offers its staff 9 provincial and 1 federal statutory holiday for a total of 10 days annually.


Personal Days: All employees in a full time role are entitled to take 2 personal days per calendar year. However, these are deducted from one's sick day bank.

Sick Days: Each employee earns one sick day per full month worked after successfully completing 3 months of full time work. The maximum allowed sick day bank is 18 days. Sick days can be carried over to the following year, but will never exceed 18 days.

Bereavement Days: Up to 5 days will be paid for absence due to the death of an immediate family member.

Jury and Witness Duty: Absence/leave for Jury Duty will be paid. Absence/leave for witness duty will NOT be paid. There is no day limit for Jury Duty.

Maternity/Parental Leave: 52 weeks are available to the parents of a newborn. The University fully supports the provincially legislative provisions for this time away with a newborn.

Family Leave: The University fully supports the provincially legislated provisions for family leave which allows for up to 5 days of unpaid leave so that an employee can attend to the personal and/or health care needs of an immediate family member.

Leaves of Absence: Requests for an extended leave of up to 90 days are available to TWU employees. However, such a request must be made by the employee to their supervisor 90 days or more in advance.