Inklings Institute of Canada, “George Grant: Canada’s C.S. Lewis” Professor Ron Dart

Academic Events
Trinity Western University
Fosmark Graduate Collegium
7600 Glover Road
Langley, BC V2Y 1Y1

All are welcome to attend the free coffee house evening of discussion, hosted by The Inklings Institute of Canada (IIC).

Ron Dart, University of the Fraser Valley Professor in Department of Political Science/Philosophy/Religious Studies, is the guest for the discussion.

George Grant, (1918-1988), philosopher and political commentator, was one of Canada’s foremost public intellectuals. Grant, when at Oxford, participated in the Socratic Club that Lewis was the guiding light of.
Grant often mentioned his time with C.S. Lewis and the Socratic Club as formative in his faith journey.
This discussion will highlight how and why Grant should be read as the C.S .Lewis of Canada.
For more information contact: Monika Hilder