Inklings Institute of Canada, "Allegory in Narnia, or being Edmund and finding Jesus"

Academic Events
Trinity Western University
Fosmark Graduate Colegium
7600 Glover Road
Langley, BC V2Y 1Y1

Richard Bergen, TWU alumnus and Ph.D. candidate at UBC, will lead the discussion.

C. S. Lewis understood very well that his fantasy stories – and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in particular – would invite allegorical interpretation, and in his thought, this fact would actually confirm their status as being mythical fairy stories. Moreover, Lewis would not have opposed allegorical interpretation as such, if it were done well and without readers thinking they had the one and only correct interpretation, and that the reader in question not designate the text at hand "an allegory."

We as readers have no difficulty coming to new insights about Jesus through Aslan, and we can easily see ourselves in the Pevensie children that walk through Narnian landscape.

Richard's personal favourite is Edmund - the blighter who become "The Just," and he will present some of his "allegorical interpretations" on how this boy can serve as a figure, an example, to provide insights about how our souls can relate in some way to the divine.

The evening will begin with a presentation by Richard, with lots of time for refreshments and questions to follow. Everyone is welcome: just bring an interest in C. S. Lewis and a desire to dig deeper....

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