Inklings Institute of Canada: Book Night: The Tao of Right and Wrong: Rediscovering Humanity’s Moral Foundations

Academic Events
Trinity Western University
Fosmark Graduate Collegium
7600 Glover Road
Langley, BC V2Y 1Y1

The Inklings Institute of Canada is hosting an evening of discussion about The Tao of Right and Wrong: Rediscovering Humanity’s Moral Foundations (Regent College Publishing, 2018), a major new statement on moral philosophy by UBC emeritus professor Dennis Danielson.

Written in the tradition of C. S. Lewis’s classic work on moral philosophy, The Abolition of Man, which celebrates its seventy-fifth anniversary this year, The Tao of Right and Wrong addresses questions such as, “What is just? What is right? What is wrong? What purposes, and what virtues, are worth pursuing?” Perhaps most importantly, how can we weigh answers to these questions without lapsing into “That’s only your opinion”?

The Tao of Right and Wrong offers a vigorous primer on moral realism, asserting that humans can and should exercise ethical judgments—and that these judgments are not merely reducible to subjective opinion, animal instinct, or cultural “construction.” This book is a fresh twenty-first-century call for the virtuous cultivation of “humans with hearts,” for a rejection of moral nihilism, and for a life- affirming embrace of moral realism founded in the Tao—the transcultural fund of ultimate postulates that form the very ground of moral judgment, codes of ethics, and standards of right and wrong.

In the first half hour of the evening, Professor Danielson will speak about his book. He will be followed by brief responses from TWU’s Christopher S. Morrissey, author of The Way of Logic (Nanjing Normal University Press, 2018), and his student Zihao Wang (of Beijing, China).

For more information: Monika Hilder