Inspiring Person-Centredness: A Call to Action

Academic Events
May 8, 2019 to May 10, 2019

In the Faith & Nursing Conference Series

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Person-centredness—the ideal that the person is at the centre of the care they receive—is widely referenced in healthcare.  According to World Health Organization*, this means putting the comprehensive needs of people and communities, not only diseases, at the centre of health systems, and empowering people to have a more active role in their own health.  Yet, moving from ideal to integration remains a challenge.  How might persons and institutions characterized by faith contribute to the conceptualization and enactment of person-centredness?      

At this symposium, esteemed plenary speakers, healthcare professionals and students, and members of the public will explore the underpinnings and applications of person-centredness, as it relates to topics such as the human experiences of well-being, emotions, pain, and suffering; spiritual caregiving and whole-person care; family caregivers and the circle of care; health ethics and human rights; quality of life assessments; healthcare leadership and system transformation; and community and global health.   

Please consider joining us for what promises to be another remarkable forum for collegial and scholarly exchange.

Further details and Call for Abstracts

*World Health Organization (2017).  Framework on integrated people-centred health services.  Geneva:  Author.  Retrieved from