The Leader’s Series Public Lecture, “The Advanced Art of Market Segmentation: Do you Really Know your Audience?”

Academic Events
TWU Richmond
Room 401/402
5900 Minoru Blvd.
Richmond, BC V6X 0L9

Speaker: Dr. Ronnie Gao

The population of Richmond and surrounding areas are increasingly diverse. As a result, many businesses provide services that specifically target different ethnic, age and interest groups. But in a varied market, how will members of one ethnic or age group respond to marketing that targets another specific group? How will “mainstream” consumers respond to marketing intended for a niche market? How might this influence marketing decisions? Marketing leaders need more than buzzwords and knowledge of market trends to succeed. They need real data. Dr. Ronnie Gao, a business professor who specializes in ethnic market segmentation, will present his primary research findings to provide real answers to these tough questions.

Respondent: Brian Ho
Admission is free, but please register. See Website