Our team operates in two locations and online.

Success Coaching in Langley and Online

Coaches provide a range of services for different student needs. These include:

  • Drop-in – any student can book a complementary single appointment to talk through their learning needs.
  • Semester long Coaching – any student can sign up for weekly coaching sessions. This coaching helps students
    • Discover how they learn best
    • Motivate themselves for success
    • Create a strategic academic plan
    • Incorporate productive habits for time management, research & writing, and exam preparation
    • Embrace accountability
  • Semester Coaching is open to ALL students and is offered in the fall and spring semesters by adding SKLS 003 to your course registration. The cost of Coaching is $500/semester.

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Learning Coaching in Richmond and Online

Learning Coaches offer one on one support to students currently taking English or Writing 101 at our Richmond Campus. Each student is designated a Learning Coach that they will meet continuously for the semester. Students are contacted directly by their Learning Coach at the start of the semester and invited to book appointments (through our online booking system) at a time most convenient for them. Learning Coaches provide assistance with coursework and the tasks that are assigned each week in their respective courses. Learning Coaches not only assist with academics, but also act as a point person to connect each student to the Trinity Western University campus experience as a whole! We are very excited to meet every one of you!

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