Peer Tutors

How do I find a tutor for __insert course__?

Great question! We have Peer Tutors (Supplemental Instructors) for PHIL 105, BUS 176, BUS 275, Calculus 123. We also have Peer Tutors for a selection of ENG103 and WRTG100 courses. For all other courses, we recommend that you ask your Professor.

How can I become a tutor for __insert course___? What are the requirements?

Every semester we hire peer tutors for the Writing Centre and for courses that students find especially challenging. Find out more here.

What do Peer Tutors do?

Peer Tutors are students who have done really well in a course that many students have found difficult. They facilitate weekly sessions to help students understand the material. They don’t re-teach the material but help students overcome barriers to their learning.

Do I have to pay for the tutor? If so, what does it cost?

No! Our Peer tutors for courses and the Writing Centre are free!