If you are thinking about your future - your career, vocation, calling - and want to talk it through then we are here for you!

You can book time with our professional Career Counsellor at any stage in your thinking.

You can explore different careers and opportunities and find the right fit for you. You can talk tactics about how to best prepare for a work search. And you can create plans to transition well from college into your next adventure!

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In Exploration sessions, we can talk about your dreams, values, gifts and experiences, and explore the fit with academic study (majors and minors) and future careers. We will use different tools and surveys to help you discover more about yourself. You will gain more clarity about what is important to you and identify next steps. There are no limits to exploration sessions!

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In Preparation sessions, we can talk through how to create an effective work search plan. We can discuss how to approach potential employers, craft a compelling resume, and prepare and learn from interviews. You will gain more confidence in your approach.

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In Launch sessions (typically with final year and recently graduated students), we can talk through your plans to enter a particular marketplace. We can focus on your long-term goals and the person you want to be in this new world. You will gain more peace by knowing what’s important to you in an uncertain time of your life.