Dora Komlodi

Dora is a fourth-year business student specializing in human resources, and since TWU doesn’t have Spartan spike ball, she had to settle for playing for the women’s volleyball team. Besides having fun being active with her friends, some of Dora's favourite pastimes include eating ice cream, playing the piano, and reading. She loves to apply herself creatively by using written word to communicate and express stories and ideas, especially within academic papers. Out of all the aspects of the writing process, she especially enjoys integrating sources and word selection, and has a passion for proper grammar. 

Micah Morgan

Micah hails from Portland, Oregon, and is currently residing Langley with his wife Laura. One of his passions lies in helping others to use the skills they already have. He is most experienced in business writing but is also skilled and well versed in persuasive writing and philosophy. As for his studies, he is currently working on his BBAH degree in HR and Leadership. He hopes to fuse these two skills together so he can help ensure organizations are using their people most effectively. In terms of other interests, he dabbles in retro gaming, woodworking, and guitar playing.

Maren Lang

Maren is a fourth-year English major at TWU with a specialization in studies of the Inklings. She loves all things both philosophical and imaginative, which is what has led her to focus on writers such as Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. Maren grew up in Washington in a family of six, and she has had the opportunity to teach a Philosophy of Ethics course at a small private high school. Besides writing essays, poems, and attempting to write novels, Maren loves all things expressive and creative. She has a background in competitive Irish dancing and extensive vocal training, and she enjoys hiking and kayaking in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Maren’s bubbly and social personality as well as her past experience in teaching will provide an easy-going and friendly environment for tutoring. She hopes that her enthusiasm for writing will be contagious in her position at the Writing Centre.

Sarah Looby

Sarah grew up in Ontario, Canada, until she made the move to Langley, BC, where she is now completing her fourth year at Trinity Western University.  Majoring in English, Sarah’s passions lie in helping individuals work through sentence structure, grammar, and paragraph formatting.  Outside of school, Sarah keeps herself busy trying new recipes, catching up with her family in Ontario, and chatting with friends over a cup of coffee.

Lydia Roots

Lydia received a degree in Spanish and a minor in English from Berea, Kentucky in the US, and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Linguistics and Translation. She spent three years working with people who are new to English by helping them learn to speak, write, and simply live normal life in a different culture. For that reason, she finds joy in working with people and seeing them succeed. In her free time, she loves to sing to Jesus, play the piano, and spend time outside. As a writing coach, she particularly enjoys helping people establish their own voice in their papers to make them easily readable and enjoyable no matter the subject. She also specializes in starting the writing process when it is hard to know how to begin.

Alisha Devani

Alisha is a graduate student in the MAIH program with English Literature at TWU. She is originally from India and her family moved to Africa recently. Before coming to Trinity, Alisha graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from India. She also thought ESL and English literature as a freelancer in India. Her hobbies include reading, writing poems and creative non-fiction. She also enjoys painting, doing henna, making chai, and sketching. Being a trilingual and having lived in 3 continents, she understands the challenges that come with being in a new academic environment and trying to evolve in it. Writing correctly structured and compelling papers becomes a time-consuming and crucial task while at a University, especially for international or multilingual students. She wants to help students achieve this so that they can express their ideas in the right way and get the best out of their time at Trinity. 

Meilani Johnson

Meilani grew up cross-culturally and loves meeting people, sharing stories, and appreciating art. She is currently pursuing an MA in Linguistics (Translation). She has a diploma in Christian Studies as well as BA in Applied Linguistics and Theatre from TWU. Coaching specialties include source evaluation and argument development (particularly for assignments in the Humanities and Social Sciences), as well as speech-writing and presentation skills. She is happy to work alongside students with ADHD, autism, learning differences, and other neurodiversities.

Chloe Heuchert

Chloe is a current graduate student at TWU. She is in the MAIH program specializing in history. Chloe is a TWU alum, receiving her BA degree in history. Chloe's specialties are researching, thesis development, grammar help, and brainstorming. Chloe enjoys a good few cups of coffee, various show tunes (Funny Girl!), curatorial research, and being president of the UMP Association of BC in her spare time.

Anneke Beimers

Anneke is a fourth year Education student at Trinity Western. She is studying to be a High School teacher, and her minors are English Literature and Spanish! Anneke grew up in Langley, but has always loved to travel, whether the journey be short or long. Her favourite expeditions include trips to South Africa, New York City, and Brazil! When she isn't at Trinity with her nose in a book, you can usually find her coaching volleyball, playing guitar, or spending time with her nieces and nephews. Anneke has always had a deep love for writing, and she loves to talk about compositions or literature with other students. Some of her coaching specialties include writing structure, creative writing, and brainstorming interesting topics.

Andrew Johnson

Andrew graduated from Liberty University in 2016 with degree in Computer Science and minors in Biblical Greek and Biblical Languages, and he is currently studying Applied Linguistics at CanIL. He specializes in technical writing as well as argument, paragraph, and sentence structure. Outside of the Writing Centre, Andrew enjoys reading, writing, playing board games, and making sounds that may or may not occur in English.

Grace Galbearth

Grace is from the United States and recently graduated from Missouri Western State University, where she studied Spanish and International Studies. Some of her loves include Jesus, Mexican food, discipleship, and reading/writing/analyzing poetry (in that order). Currently, Grace is working on her M.A. in Linguistics and Translation. One day, she would like to help develop tools and creative ways to encourage and develop mother tongue literacy in the Middle East. In the meantime, however, you can stop by the Writing Centre to visit her if you are seeking guidance with tasks such as brainstorming essay topics, revising nearly-finished writing assignments, figuring out formatting issues, and polishing grammar. She loves working with students who speak English as a second language!

Jocelyn Harris

Jocelyn graduated from Trinity Western University with a Master of Arts in Linguistics in Fall 2019. Before coming to Trinity Western, Jocelyn completed a Bachelor of General Arts at UBC Okanagan, where she specialized in Political Science, Sociology, Spanish, Indigenous Studies, and Anthropology. She has experience working as a Teaching Assistant in Linguistics courses and living cross-culturally in Spanish-speaking countries. Jocelyn has a passion for helping English language learners achieve proficiency in their writing and succeed in their new language and culture. She also enjoys helping native English speakers hone their writing skills. Her specialties include coaching graduate level social sciences writing, teaching English grammar, brainstorming paper topics, revising drafts for clarity, and creating a clear thesis sentence.

Christina Morton

Christina is studying Applied Linguistics with a TESOL certificate. Growing up, she had the opportunity to live in several unique communities in Canada and Uganda. These experiences gave her a love for meeting new people from diverse backgrounds and hearing their stories. Besides her classes and work at the writing centre, she enjoys teaching English classes for newcomers to Canada at a community centre. She also loves reading, writing in her journal, and playing board games. At the writing centre, she especially enjoys helping students with brainstorming, source integration, and paragraph development.

Caleb Nelson

Caleb Nelson is a third-year student at Trinity Western University where he is studying for a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. He has experience as a Teaching Assistant for the Department of English and Creative Writing (2019-2020) and as the Vice-President of the English Students’ Society (2018-2019). He also dabbles in creative writing, and one of his works is scheduled for publication in the university’s literary journal [spaces] in 2020. Caleb enjoys dedicating time to volunteer work, participating each month in preparing and providing a meal to those of limited means through the 5 & 2 Ministries in Langley. Caleb is also interested in many aspects of pop-culture, especially in science fiction books and films. His tutoring strengths include attentive listening; guiding students through the academic research process; identifying grammatical and stylistic problems in scholarly prose; and steering students through the process of producing and revising bibliographies (MLA, APA, and Chicago).

Abby Pernsteiner

Abby is a Trinity graduate with a BA in English and is currently working on an MAIH in the English stream. As someone who took on 5 English classes in the same semester, twice, she comprehends fully the struggle of juggling multiple papers at once, and so thought she might as well do it for a living. Her hobbies include reading, creative writing, and burrowing under warm blankets on cold days. Her specialties are thesis development and word choice as well as structuring and source integration. She is looking forward to working with you!

Anmol Sarah Sandhu

Sarah is pursuing her M.A. in Interdisciplinary Humanities after completing her undergrad in India majoring in History. She enjoys creative writing while critically analyzing fictional texts and judging its historical accuracy. Her specialties include brainstorming for a paper, essay structure and working with IELTS candidates. As she is not a native speaker of English, she is aware of the troubles of thinking in a certain language and having to write in another. Thus, she is interested in working with bilingual or multilingual people while understanding their educational background to help them adapt to a new one. She is a coffee and pop culture enthusiast who loves pleasant rainy days.

Marika Tiessen

Marika is a third year student, working towards a general studies degree with minors in Special Education and English. Her goal after graduating from TWU is to get a degree in elementary education and eventually get into international teaching- so that she can work and travel all at the same time! She loves working on writing with students, especially research papers! In her free time she loves hiking, baking, playing the piano and going out for coffee with friends.

Alice Wu

Alice is a fourth-year Education student with minors in Special Education and TESOL. She is a Chinese Canadian who enjoys traveling and exploring new places. Having experienced learning English as a second language, Alice enjoys teaching and helping people in their language learning journey. She also enjoys helping others with their writing! Her specialties are brainstorming, essay structures, and word choice. Alice’s interests include reading, baking, binge watch TV shows and photography. 

Carmen Yanes

Carmen is a third-year student in Applied Linguistics with a minor in Psychology and a TESOL certificate. She came from El Salvador to Canada to study at Trinity Western University in hopes to become a speech pathologist. As an international student, she understands the challenges in learning, writing and speaking in another language. At the writing centre, she hopes to help students to organize their ideas and ease their struggles with the writing process. She enjoys learning new languages, reading and playing with puppies. 

Charles Murphey

Charles graduted from the University of Georgia with a BA in Linguistics, and is currently pursuing his master's in the same subject here at TWU. He has worked with ESL students in the past, most notably and for the longest time in the Brazil, and has also worked with linguistics students during his master's. He enjoys helping students craft engaging theses, especially in language-related topics. 

Elyssa Campbell

Elyssa is pursuing a B.Ed. in elementary education with minors in History and French Language & Literature. She is a published author of short fiction and an aspiring novelist. As a writing tutor, she is interested in helping you refine your academic essays—thesis development, structure, source integration, clarity—and creative writing.