Each year, we hold a TWU Writing Contest.

It is an opportunity to celebrate TWU students’ research and writing across the disciplines.  Papers are judged according to content, creativity, and effectiveness. Successful entries receive a prize, and the essays are published in an online journal accessible on the TWU website. Students from all disciplines and linguistic backgrounds are encouraged to apply!      

We are currently accepting submissions for the Summer 2020-Spring 2021 Writing Contest. Win a prize and publication in the finalist online journal! There are four categories for submission: 100-level, 200 & 300-level, 400-level, and graduate papers. To submit, email writingcentre@twu.ca in MS Word or Pdf format. All entries are due by May 16th at 11:59pm PST.

Check out the winning essays from our 2020 contest: 

 2020 Writing Contest