Mark McMinn, Professor of Psychology George Fox University, Faculty Luncheon, “Growing in Wisdom: Good Things Happen When Science and Faith Work Together”

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Hosted by TWU’s Science, Faith, and Human Flourishing initiative, (with support from Fuller Seminary) and the Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation. Co-sponsored by TWU Psychology Department, TWU MA Counselling Psychology, and ACTS Marriage and Family Counselling.

Summary: The task of education today is no longer the dispensing and consuming of knowledge. Indeed, the capacity for instant knowledge, with or without education, is relatively limitless in an information age such as ours. The bigger task facing Christian universities today is the formation of wisdom, where knowledge is applied in ways that reflect the transforming virtue of Jesus while also enhancing health, local communities, and society. Though we may tend to associate wisdom with older age, research suggests that late adolescence and early adulthood is when wisdom increases most rapidly.

Dr. McMinn recently led a project where young college-age adults participated in a wisdom mentoring program as part of a local church community. The results are encouraging and demonstrate how science and faith can work together to promote positive change in our world.