Master of Theological Studies Thesis Defense, Christopher Christiansen, “Was Jesus a Mythical Figure? A Response to the Charge that Jesus of Nazareth Never Existed”

Academic Events
Trinity Western University
Graduate Collegium, Fosmark Building
7600 Glover Rd
Langley, BC V2Y1Y1

All are welcome to attend this Master of Theological Studies thesis defense.

Supervisor: Dr. Paul Chamberlain
Second Reader: Dr. Brian Rapske
External Examiner: Dr. Kent Clarke
Exam Chair: Dr. Todd Martin

The purpose of this thesis is to examine and refute the arguments made by mythicists, who deny the historicity of Jesus of Nazareth. It begins by investigating the common features of myths in the ancient world and how the Gospels accounts of Jesus compare to them. Next, it explores
the history of mythicism since its inception in the seventeenth century. The penultimate chapter outlines the main criticisms that mythicists level against the Gospels, and the final chapter responds to these arguments.

There are two major findings of this thesis. First, the mythicists’ standard for evidence is not applied consistently. Second, they fail to show why their interpretations of the available data are better than approaches that are more traditional. The conclusion is that they do not provide sufficient reasons for doubting the existence of Jesus as a human in history.

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