MCOM 369
Adventures in Narrative Non-Fiction

"What makes this story so good?"ť Compelling magazine and newspaper writing employs narrative nonfiction's creative tools to bring true stories to life. In this intermediate workshop-style course, students analyze examples of the best published memoir, personal narrative, travel writing, and immersion journalism to interpret the author's craft and formulate aesthetic principles to apply to their own creative work. Students will write several pieces in a variety of non-fiction genres; critique each other's work; revise their own; and perform one piece during the Festival of the Arts, Media + Culture.

Course fee. Fulfils university core requirement for aesthetic and performance inquiry. Fulfils theory and criticism requirement for media and communication major.
MCOM 251 or 261; or ENGL 207 or 208; or instructor's permission (writing samples may be required). (3-0 or 3 0)