MCOM 393
Communication Practicum

This practicum provides students with a workand-learn experience in the field of media and communication, both on or off campus. In addition to their workplace experience, practica students meet regularly as a class to explore workplace issues and communication challenges. Class sessions are formatted as a professional workshop, whereby students demonstrate leadership skills in public speaking, visual presentation, and group interaction. Course assignments require students to respond to reflective questions about their own communication strengths and personal development as emerging professionals. Not required of media and communication majors, but 3 s.h. required of corporate communication majors.

Open only to media and communication majors, concentrations, and minors; corporate communication majors; and students working with student media (i.e., student newspaper, student yearbook, student video yearbook). Only 3 sem. hrs. apply toward the major; others go to electives for a maximum total of 8 sem. hrs. Communication Practicum courses are pass/fail courses.
Second year standing or above.