MCOM 491
Transformational Development and Leadership

The course provides opportunity for the articulation of transformational leadership (both cultural and personal). It requires leaders to communicate their vision of growth and opportunity. Students gain insight into effective leadership communication as they examine the worldviews, history, and economic challenges in developing nations (in East Africa and Central America). This course explores underlying cultural and faithbased worldviews by means of an interdisciplinary travel study. Specifically, the course explores social and humanitarian responses to critical social issues in the Global South. Through readings, lectures (including field practitioners and experts), and field experiences, students are exposed to the complex nature of human problems and social responses. Students seek to understand critical social issues in light of cultural, environmental, economic, political, and historical frameworks. Of particular interest is the manner in which religious worldview shapes one's response to the disadvantaged, and how the transformational model informs leadership behaviour and the development process.

Fulfils University core requirement for social and global inquiry. For the Kenya travel study, students may take this alone or as a second course.
IDIS 450.
Upper level standing (minimum of 70 sem. hrs.) and instructor's consent.