Multidisciplinary Networking Cafe

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Attend this Multidisciplinary Networking Cafe on "Setting a different tone: A conversation about our vulnerabilities during COVID-19" as panelists from Nursing, Philosophy, and Religious Studies explore how a holistic approach, with attention to compassion, hope, and perspective, changes our experience of the pandemic, by drawing on scholarship related to home health with older adults, mental health, and trustworthy sources of knowledge.


Speaker: Rick Sawatzky, PhD, RN (NURS), Home Care for Older Adults during COVID-19

Speaker: Lynn Musto, PhD, RN, RPN (NURS), Mental Health in a Time of Pandemic

Speaker: Myron Penner, PhD (PHIL), How do we know? Epistemology, Conspiracy and Cognition

Respondent: Kent Clarke, PhD (RELS), Theological Reflections

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