NURS 213
Clinical Practice: Adult Health I

This course focuses on experiential learning of
nursing care for older adults and takes place in
older adult care agencies and in the nursing SIM
laboratory. Emphasis is on the development of
clinical reasoning through the delivery of safe,
client-centered and evidence-informed healthcare.
Using the nursing process framework (assessment,
planning, implementing, evaluating), students will
engage with older adult residents and the health
care team, assess older adult patients’ care,
comfort, and personal needs, identify the
appropriate nursing response, choose applicable
tools and resources to provide collaborative care,
assess and report outcomes. Students will have the
opportunity to develop self-insight through
reflection-on-practice as they experientially
process the role of the gerontological nurse in
direct care and consider equity concerns, such as
ageism, within our healthcare system.

Pass/Fail course.
NURS 212
100 level nursing courses and other non-nursing prerequisites designated on curricular pattern.