Scholarship, in its various forms, is a vital aspect of the Trinity Western University School of Nursing

Shared interests allow for collaborative research in the areas of religion, spirituality, and health; person-centred care; global health and Indigenous health;  professional practice and knowledge translation; and nursing education. Our vibrant scholarship community provides an excellent context in which students learn about the importance of knowledge generation, evidence-informed practice and life-long learning.


A description of research and scholarship activities of each faculty members is provided in the faculty profiles.

  1. Religion, Spirituality & Nursing
  2. Global Health & Indigenous Health
  3. Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing
  4. Life-altering Health Conditions & Aging
  5. Person-centered Care
  6. Nursing Education
  7. Maternity & Women’s Health care
  8. Professional Practice and Knowledge Translation
  9. Nursing History