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Trinity Western University
Fosmark Graduate Collegium
7600 Glover Road
Langley, BC V2Y 1Y1

Master of Science in Nursing Presents, Nursing Networking Café

Speaker: Bindy Kang

Cultural Safety and Equity in B.C. Healthcare”

This Café will feature Bindy Kang’s research study, Sadhee Sehayth: Our Health Project, on cultural safety and equity in healthcare.  She reviewed mission statements, values and visions identified by British Columbia’s publically serving healthcare delivery institutions (including 7 Health Authorities and 1 Christian Healthcare delivery organization) to understand how diversity, cultural safety and equity are incorporated in their guiding institutional discourse.  Bindy will share preliminary findings including respectful healthcare delivery; quality and safety; diversity inclusion; social justice and equity. Each healthcare delivery institution featured promises of excellent care, with a few citing equitable praxes and only one offered an example of naming oppressions and embracing an anti-oppression framework. Café attendees will be invited into a discussion on how to implement cultural safety praxis (to address systemic inequities faced by racialized patients and communities), and will be encouraged to share their reflections on meeting equity needs for marginalized communities

Please Register by Oct. 17