Since the programs and policies of the University are under continual review, we reserve the right to change the fees and charges without notice. *All funds quoted in CDN currency.


Undergraduate Student Association Fee: $75 (*Only applies to students who are in 4+ semester hours.)

Technology, Infrastructure & Activity Fee: $25 / semester hour for domestic students, $35 / semester hour for international students

Why am I charged a $75 Student Association Fee? The Trinity Western University Student Association (TWUSA) is the student-elected leadership and exists for three core reasons: Events, Services, and Advocacy. The Student Association Fee of $75 pays for these student benefits. TWUSA’s services include free printing, coffee, tea, hot-chocolate, equipment use, and bicycle rentals. It also covers the cost of the production of Trinity’s biweekly student newspaper, Mars’ Hill, and the annual Pillar yearbook. TWUSA also hosts over a dozen campus-wide events, as well as school and faculty-specific events and sets aside a portion of the Student Association Fee in order to fund student-originated campus initiatives.

What is the Technology, Infrastructure & Activity Fee? This fee applies to all Trinity Western University students and is intended to support many of the student-oriented activities and related infrastructure. These activities and facilities are generally available for all students. This Fee pays a portion of recreational services such as the bouldering wall, maintenance of recreational fields, tennis courts, annual recreational equipment, fitness center equipment, as well as improvements to the Fitness & Group Fit Center. This fee also contributes to Student Life services such as the Student Success Center and Wellness Centre. It also supports Student Life programs including Chapel, Global Projects, local outreach, and discipleship. In addition, it provides some support for distinct programs available to international, resident, and commuter students. It also contributes to the technological upgrades that benefit students and are necessary in today’s fast-changing computerized world. It should be noted that only a portion of the actual costs of these activities and facilities has been recovered by the University through this fee.

What is the rationale behind the Technology, Infrastructure & Activity Fee? This fee is a combination and replacement of past student fees, along with an increase to allow the University to recover some increased costs of maintaining and improving a broad range of activities, facilities and infrastructures that support all students. This fee structure was intended to more accurately and simply reflect a student’s use of university services, as well as be more fair and equitable than past fees. Previous fees were flat rate fees and charged to all students regardless of whether they were full time or part time. This fee is indexed to the number of semester hours in which students are enrolled.


Graduate Student Association Fee: $3 / semester hour

Technology, Infrastructure & Activity Fee:  $25 / semester hour for domestic students, $35 / semester hour for international students

seminary fees

Graduate Student Association Fee: $3 / semester hour

ACTS Technology Fee: $15 / semester hour

ACTS Graduation Fee: $100


Please note that the housing deposit is refundable until June 1st for the subsequent Fall semester, and October 1st for the subsequent Spring semester. Contact the Housing Office or see the Housing Department website for further information.