Why should I apply for graduation? 

Submitting an application for graduation allows the Office of the Registrar to collect important information from you to help us serve you in your final year of study at TWU. Information on the application helps with the planning of the graduation ceremony, the processing of a Degree Audit and more.

When should I apply for graduation? 

Applications for graduation should be submitted one year prior to your anticipated graduation date.  For the Spring ceremony the deadline is April 30 of the year prior to graduation (late applications will be accepted until January 31 for graduation the following April). For the Fall ceremony the deadline is December 31 of the year prior to graduation.  A fee of $50 will be charged for all late applications.

How do I apply for graduation? 

You may apply for graduation online Please be sure to submit a paper copy of your program checklist to the Office of the Registrar in order to complete your application.

Where can I find my program checklist and do I need to fill it out? 

Program Checklists are available on the Advising website. Please check off all the courses you've already taken and submit it to the Office of the Registrar.

Why do I need to hand in a completed checklist with my application? 

When you apply for graduation, the Office of the Registrar begins the process of reviewing your academic record and degree progress. Since some programs offer various combinations of courses that can be taken to meet degree requirements it is helpful for the Office of the Registrar to have a copy of your degree plan (and the courses you took to fulfill that plan) to ensure that this review is as accurate as possible.

If I am not planning on attending the ceremony, do I still need to apply for graduation? 

Yes. You will not be able to receive your degree without the Office of the Registrar performing a Degree Auditof your requirements. Since this process is necessary, applications are required.


I haven’t applied for graduation yet. How do I know what courses I need to take in order to graduate? 

It's easy! All the tools you need to plan out each semester's registration are available online! All you need is a program checklist that takes you step by step through your requirements.  Program checklists are available through the Academic Advising website. If you can't remember which courses you've already taken, you can download a copy of your unofficial transcript from the Student Portal. If you need more specific information on your program requirements, make sure you read about it in your Academic Calendar. Your Academic Advisor can also be a valuable resource in helping you plan your degree.

How do I know which academic requirements to follow for my degree? 

You are expected to follow the program requirements of your year of admission to the University. However, if your program requirements change after your initial admission, you can choose to follow the new requirements. Please let the Office of the Registrar know if you plan to adopt the new requirements when you apply for graduation.

I have a Degree Audit but my listed degree is wrong, why?

The degree information listed on your Degree Audit is based on your declared degree as of the processing date of your Degree Audit. If it is out of date, please submit a Change of Major/Advisor request through the Student Portal.

Is my Degree Audit updated automatically when I add or drop classes?

Your Degree Audit is only updated once a semester.

I think my Graduation Audit is inaccurate. Who can I talk to?

If you find any discrepancies between the Degree Audit and your own records please try to determine the source of the discrepancy (e.g., undocumented exceptions to graduation, unprocessed transfer credit, missing grades, etc.). ·In the case of an undocumented exception to graduation please fill out the Exception to Graduation form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar. In the case of unprocessed transfer credit please ensure that an official transcript of those courses is sent to the Transfer Credit office in Mattson Centre for assessment. For all other inquiries please submit your question/comment through the Graduation Helpdesk which is available through the Student Portal, or email

Can I take a different course than is required for my degree and have it count towards my degree? 

In certain situations, a student can be exempt from a program requirement. In order to change your degree requirements, an “Exception to Graduation Requirements” form must be approved by your Program Chair and Faculty Dean. This form is located in the Office of the Registrar. These exceptions are determined on a case by case basis and are at the discretion of the Faculty.

How do I get my diploma? 

The conferral date for your degree will be the next conferral date after your last requirement was completed (conferral dates are May 31 and December 31). Your diploma will be printed and available shortly after that date.  If you complete your degree in the summer semester, you are required to submit a Completion Verification Form once your final grades have been submitted to notify the graduation office of their completion. Upon receipt of this form, a final audit of your degree requirements will take place.