Students are required to apply for graduation well in advance of their anticipated graduation date in order to confirm the scheduled completion of all program requirements. After the graduation application is complete, a review of academic records and course registration will take place through the graduation audit process. Graduation audits will assist with determining what degree requirements are outstanding, and will confirm graduation ceremony eligibility for students who are in progress of all final degree requirements. 

The deadline for Undergraduate Fall and Spring applications is April 30 of the year prior to your graduation date – after this date a $50 late fee will apply.
The deadline for BA in Leadership and Graduate Studies Fall applications is July 15 the year of your graduation date.

The deadline for BA in Leadership Spring applications is December 31 of the year prior to your graduation date.

The following information is in regards to Undergraduate Students, excluding the BA in Leadership program. For BA Leadership or Graduate Students, please contact your program directly or

What does the Undergraduate graduation application process involve?  Two simple steps:

  1. Submit an application for graduation online through the Academics page in the Student Portal.  Click on ‘Apply for Graduation’ and select your anticipated semester of graduation. Please note that your semester of graduation is the semester in which you will finish your final degree requirements (Fall or Spring). If you plan to complete your courses during the summer, please select Fall as your official graduation semester.
  2. Fill out program checklists for your major and any minors/concentrations and email them to, preferably in a PDF format. Checklists are available on the Academic Advising Website. Make sure you select an appropriate academic year (speak to your advisor if you are unsure which to choose).  Please Note: your graduation application is not complete until you have submitted your checklists.

After we have received your completed application, an individualized graduation audit will be produced for you.  Your graduation audit is a way to make sure that everyone is on the same page about what is left for you to complete your degree requirements.  An email will be sent to you when your audit is available for download from the Student Portal. If you intend to graduate in the Spring semester, your audit will be updated after the fall semester (in January).