TWU supports many Office 365 tools to help you be productive. Please take a look at each of the apps listed to learn more about how to use them in your studies.

Download or Access Web Version

As a TWU student, you can use and download Office 365 for free. Now you can use Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Teams and a whole host of other tools.


You can also use Office on the Web by using your TWU credentials to log into the Office portal page. Once logged in, your dashboard will open up and you will find many of Office's popular apps listed across the top or along the left side. To find more, click on the Windows icon or type the name in the search bar. You will also notice that your most recent documents are listed. 

What's the difference between the desktop and web version? For the most part, the desktop version has all the features, whereas the web version may be a little more streamlined. You don't actually have to stick to one choice, rather, it is completely acceptable to use both. For instance, you may use desktop Word for an individual assignment, but use Word on the web for a group assignment so that you can collaborate with your team members in real-time. Saving to your OneDrive (online) will easily allow you to share your work with fellow editors (and save space on your computer!)


All students have a TWU email. Your TWU email address is Your email password is the same one you use to login into any TWU system.

You can access your TWU email through

You can forward your TWU email to your personal one, but please make sure your TWU emails are not ending up in your junk folder. Many instructors use your TWU email for communication. 

Forwarding Your Email to Another Account

You can find more information on emails (and how to reset passwords) by clicking on the link below.

Accessing your Email


Teams is a great platform for collaboration. It can host chats, calls, and meetings and even store shareable files. The video below show some of the features of Teams. Please be aware of how your instructor will be using Teams for your course as they may not be using all the features shown here.

Watch Video


OneDrive is where you can store your work online. This is great if you have limited storage on your computer or if you need to work on a group project.

What is OneDrive? (work or school)

Upload files and folders in OneDrive (work or school)

Share files and folders with Microsoft 365 Business


OneNote functions like a digital binder. You can create your own for a course, but it could also be set up by the instructor. They may use it as a space for you to discuss or collaborate with your peers. They may also use it to communicate and share course materials.

Here are some handy tutorial videos from Microsoft to get you started.

MS Stream

TWU has provided access to Microsoft Stream, which is like our very own YouTube, but accessible only to members of the TWU community. MS Stream provides ways for you and your instructors to restrict access to videos to only certain groups of people within TWU. Videos in MS Stream cannot be viewed without signing in with a TWU email address.

Getting Started

  • Visit and sign in with your TWU Pass credentials, including your full TWU email address [firstname.lastname]
  • Click ‘My content’, then ‘Groups’.
  • Click the title of your course group.
    • Your group is named according to the course you are taking.
  • Click ‘Channels’ in the group.

Upload Videos

  • Either drag and drop files to the window, or click the link to navigate to your video file.
  • Zoom recordings will be in .mp4 format.
  • Add Video Details
  • Name the video to make it easy for your classmates and instructor to find, including the date of the recording.
  • Include a description or hashtags (optional)
  • Choose a thumbnail (optional)
  • Once the file has uploaded and has been processed, click ‘Publish’.
  • For now, don’t change the permissions or options.
  • Videos that you upload to channels that are in a private group will only be accessible to members of that group.

Subsequent Videos

  • The next time you need to upload a video, start by clicking ‘My content’, then ‘Channels’, select the appropriate channel, and repeat the upload process above.

Manage your computer storage

After you have confirmed that your video is in the proper channel AND you have tested that it plays, you should move the original video file off of your computer and either onto an external drive (optional) or simply delete it.