Parents have many questions and details to sort through when planning with their son or daughter all that's needed to attend university. Below is the link to the Trinity Western University Student Handbook that helps answer many of those questions. There is also a list below of more commonly asked questions for you to quickly look over.

Student Handbook

1. What does my resident student need to bring?

Some of the essentials would be: linens, sheets, pillow, towels, wash cloth, hangers, extension cords, laundry soap, coins for laundry, toiletries, clothing for 4 different seasons, first aid kit, laundry hamper or bag.

The Housing website from Student Services can answer more in detail what to bring and what not to bring. Any questions regarding housing and meal plans can also be found at the following link: Housing

2. Does my student really need to have a car?

Public transportation is available daily right outside the university gates on Glover Road. Click here for details.

As students make friends through school or through a new church community, they often can find transportation through these connections.

3What about transportation to airports, ferries and bus depots?

Students are responsible to arrange their own transportation to and from the University. Students going to the airport will sometimes arrange to travel with other students heading home during holidays and share the cost of a Cab. As resident students make friends with local commuter students, sometimes these families will offer transportation, as well as staff members who are able. Ultimately, students are responsible to find their own transportation.

There is an airport shuttle from both Vancouver airport and the Abbotsford airport that will pick up right on campus. These shuttles must be booked ahead of time and cash is the only payment. (Please check rates and booking times. )

On the parent website, there is also discount car rental information for any persons associated with Trinity (for more information)

4.  Can non-Canadian students work off campus?

Yes, “international” students can work off campus after being here for 6 months while they are a student and up to three years after they have graduated. This only applies to students in certain majors, and because these qualifying majors do change, students would have to be confirmed through the Career Development Office.

5.  Is on campus student employment available? How do I find student employment?

Students must complete a Financial Aid Application (indicating they wish to be employed on-campus) New Students must submit the application to the Financial Aid Office by March 1st and Returning Students by March 15th. Students who apply after this deadline will be placed on a waitlist.

The Financial Aid office will determine financial need for each student and rank all students applying for campus employment according to need. Award letters will be sent to all qualified students with their TWU Award package.

Students, who are financial aid eligible can find on-campus employment positions at . Students will apply for employment directly to the campus employer (supervisor) through the website.

All students employed on campus must come to the Learning Commons (formerly Student Success Centre) to complete hiring procedures for employment. Positions posted range in wage classifications offering several positions in various areas.

If you have further questions please contact Angela Hama ( in the Student Employment Office.

6.  What kind of medical services are available on campus?

TWU has a Wellness Centre in Douglas Hall (Dr. Derrick Hitchman, Dr. Ruth Demian, and Campus Nurse, and Director of the Wellness Centre, Michele Regehr).

The Wellness Centre offers Counseling, Health Care, Recreation Services, and the Learning Commons (formerly Student Success Centre) for students with disabilities. For students needing Success Coaching and assistance in the Writing Centre: /wellness-centre

7.  What about counseling services?

The initial intake session is free. Beyond this, a student can receive counseling for a nominal fee of $25 per appointment. Starting Jan 24th, 2012 there will be group counseling sessions available concerning depression and issues relating to eating disorders.

8.  Where can my student find a tutor?

Tutors can be found through the Learning Commons (formerly Student Success Centre).

9.  What can I do to help a student who is ‘still deciding’ on a major?

Direct them to Dr. Gordon Gillian in Academic Advising

10.  Is graduation information available on the website?

11.  Do local hotels offer special rates for parents?

Yes, a list of these hotels can be found on the TWU Hotel Information page. Discount car rental rates are also available on the TWU Special Car Rental Rates page. Please mention that you are with TWU.

12. How can I order a Touch of Home gift?

Through the Parent Website. Select Touch of Home Online Order to select cakes, treats, flowers, balloons and follow the prompts. You can pay by credit card on this secure site. Your student will be notified to pick up the gift at the Student Life office.

13. What is the law in Canada regarding student privacy?

TWU falls under the British Columbia Privacy Act to protect students’ privacy while attending university.

14.  How can I add money to my student’s meal plan?

Students can add money to their meal card at the Campus Service Centre. Money left on a meal card and the end of Fall Semester will be moved over to the Spring semester Room & Board value plan. The change in semesters from fall to Spring is the ONLY time in which you may transfer semester remainders of the Meal Plan value.

All Meal Plan values including regular and bonus amounts are forfeited at the end of every Spring semester and cannot be forwarded, removed or used elsewhere on campus. Housing

15.  Can commuter students have a meal card?

Yes. Students can do that at the Campus Service Centre. The CSC website offers all the information regarding meal cards. Housing

16. What kind of student leadership opportunities are available at TWU?

STUDENT LIFE:   Students are leading dorms and chapel, working in campus offices, assisting new students and helping out in dozens of different ways. 250 Student Life leaders make TWU work and make campus fun, warm and inviting. Students must be in their second year of university and average a 2.5 grade average to apply for student leadership positions. Applications are filled out on line and interviews take place in January to hire for September roles.

TWU STUDENT ASSOCIATION:     “VP of Academics.” “Director of Events.” “President.” What’s your role? From providing student representation to throwing an outdoor concert to funding outreach and clubs, TWU student government is a pillar of campus life that provides countless opportunities to develop your professional skills while benefiting others.

STUDENT MEDIA:    TWU student media has a record of ground-breaking creativity. Join the buzz of Mars’ Hill, the award-winning student newspaper. Design or photograph with The Pillar, TWU’s popular yearbook. Or get behind the camera with “The Reel,” an innovative yearbook film project.

17. What’s the best way to send letters & packages to my student?

USA  packages and letters must be mailed to TWU's Canadian Address (unless the student picks up the package in person). A TWU employees picks up the mail in the US each week but cannot bring packages across the border that are not addressed to them.

Canadian Address: 7600 Glover Road Langley, BC   V2Y 1Y1 Canada

Packages sent to the Canadian address are delivered to the mail room and shipping area on campus where your student will be notified for packages to be picked up. Include the full name of your student, and if possible, their resident housing name and dorm number. The student needs to bring their student ID card to pick up any package. All letters will be sent to their mail box assigned to them in Douglas Centre.

18.  Where can I find information about payment dates, end of semester, when the new term begins, etc?

In the Admissions office or online here.

19. Can I leave my credit card information with the TWU Bookstore?

Yes.  There is a form that the student and parent can fill out and sign.  When the student needs to make a purchase they just need to show his/her ID.

20.  Where can I find out about TWU online and summer courses?

Part Time & Online
Summer Sessions

21.  Where do students go for assistance with student loans and Financial Aid?

Financial Aid in the Mattson Centre. Please contact Dee Loewen

22. How can my student find out if the campus is closed due to weather or other emergencies?

Campus Notification

23.  How can my resident student obtain telephone and long distance services for their room?

Most students are using their cell phones, however, they can either buy a land line or bring one to campus and are assigned a phone number. They have voice messaging available to them if they desire to activate it. Long distance is provided through a local telecom network and students pay a monthly bill to the long distance provider.

24.  Where can my student go for help with computer setup or troubleshooting?

They can go to the SHOUT office which is located in the IT offices, lower floor of  Mattson Centre.

25.  Can my student’s special dietary needs be accommodated?

In some cases a Doctor’s note must be submitted regarding special dietary requirements and Sodexo will take students through the food menu to work with them on making sure they are not at risk with any dietary issues.

26.  When and where are exam schedules posted?

On line and on the student portal

27.  What about transportation to local churches?

Students often find transportation through getting to know other students who own cars, and sometimes through staff, faculty and people that they become familiar with from church. There is also regular transit service stops in front of the Trinity campus.

28.  Does the university have a central calendar & events page?

The university has an events calendar/page that posts events and activities for various groups, departments and networks.

TWU Master Calendar

The Academic Calendar shows a 4-year forecast of important academic, vacation, financial and ceremonial dates.

Academic Calendar

29. How can I get involved as a parent

The parent program offers opportunity to get involved through prayer partners on the parent website. Parents are also encouraged to attend the Orientation Weekend in September when students arrive on campus. There is also Parent Weekend in October that offers visits and free time with your students as well as some activities for parents. Local Parents can attend Chapel each day at 11:00 am in the Enarson Gym, as well as the many Spartan Athletic events held at the Langley Events Centre. TWU has a very talented Theatre Group and  choral concerts that parents may purchase tickets for. Parents are welcome to audition for the choral choir of they are interested.

30. Do students on a varsity team get academic credit for participating on their teams?

Students have the option to sign up for credit for their varsity team, but it’s not automatic.  When they do, the rules are: only one per year (worth 1 semester hour each), start with 100-level and work up, and only one may count as a core HKIN activity requirement unless they are HKIN majors, in which they can count more.