The dynamics of family life can change dramatically when your son or daughter begins their university education.  From birth through high school 'good' parents in our current cultural climate are expected to play a hands-on role with their children.  Parents are expected to know the names of all of their children's teachers and have meaningful conversations with all of them.  A 'good' parent is aware of every course, textbook, field trip and extra-curricular school event their child participates in.  'Good' parents join the PAC and volunteer for school and club events.  'Good' parents know the names and families of all of their children's friends.  'Good' parents are involved!

Then your student heads off to university and everything changes.  Privacy laws in most North American jurisdictions prohibit institutions from sharing information about students with anyone, including the student's parents.  As a result, the role of the parent necessarily changes from that of a hands-on, custodial parent to an arms-length mentor. 

In order to assist parents with this transition, we've listed below the titles and authors of a number of books that deal with the university student/university parent relationship.  Most of these publictaions are not written from a Christian perspective, but they nonetheless contain information that may be of help to parents and students.  Many of these titles are available through online booksellers or your local library. 


A New Beginning

Kaye Bernard McGarry Survival In College Press

Almost Grown: Launching Your 
Child From 
High School To College

Patricia Pasick W. W. Norton & Co.

Bringing Home the Laundry: 
Effective Parenting 
For College And Beyond

Janis Brody Taylor Trade Publishing

Don't Tell Me What to do, Just Send Money: 
The Essential Parenting Guide to the College Years

Helen E. Johnson & 
Christine Schelhaus-Miller
St. Martin's Griffin

Empty Nest...Full Heart

Andrea Van Steenhouse Simpler Life Press

In Addition to Tuition

Marian Borden, Mary Anne 
Burlinson, Elsie R. Kearns      
Facts On File

Letting Go: A Parents' Guide to 
Understanding the College Years

Karen Levin Coburn, 
Madge Lawrence Treeger
Quill (Harper Collins)

Millennials Rising: The Next Great 

Neil Howe, William Strauss Vintage Books (Random House)

Parents' Guide to College Life

Robin Raskin Random House Information Group

The Launching Years

Laura S. Kastner, 
Jennifer Wyatt
Three Rivers Press

What to Expect When Your Child 
Leaves for 
College: A Complete 
Guide for Parents Only

Mary Spohn Atlantic Publishing Group

When Your Kid Goes To College: 
A Parents' Survival Guide

Carol Barkin Avon Books

When Your Kids Go To College

Lucantonio Salvi, 
Michael J. Hunt
Paulist Press

You're On Your Own (but I'm here 
if you need me)


Marjorie Savage Fireside (Simon & Schuster)