Associate Dean, MA Leadership, Assistant Professor of Leadership
Douglas Centre 205, Langley/BC
+1 (604) 888-7511 ext. 3330

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Dr. Adrienne Castellon has worked as a secondary school teacher, elementary principal and education consultant.  She has worked in North and South America and was the Director of an English Language Institute in Bolivia for two years. Adrienne has presented at conferences in Canada, the USA, England and India. She is Associate Dean for the Masters of Leadership and Masters of Educational Leadership and Assistant Professor of graduate and undergraduate courses in leadership and education. Dr. Castellon stays current in the K-12 system through government and private consulting and school-related projects.  Research interests include Indigenous curriculum and relationships, women in leadership, effective practices in K-12 education, special education, the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, applied servant leadership, spirituality in leadership and teaching as well as various social justice related topics. She is the author of the teacher resource Indigenous Integration: 100+ Lesson Ideas for Secondary and College Teachers, The Role of Wisdom and Spirituality in Leading Self and Others in Peace Leadership: Self Transformation to Peace and several articles.  Adrienne can be reached at or

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EDUC 233

EDUC 471

EDUC 310

MAES 517

LDRS 500

LDRS 624

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