Program Director, M.A. Counselling Psychology, Professor of Counselling Psychology
Vernon Strombeck Centre
+1 (604) 513-2121 ext. 3870
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Department(s) or Program(s)


Academic Appointments

  • 2017-Present: Program Director, M.A. Counselling Psychology, TWU
  • 2009-present: Associate Professor of MA Counselling Psychology, TWU
  • 2006-09: Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology, Wheaton College

Special Training

  • 2009-14: Existential Analysis and Logotherapy, Postdoctoral Training Program
  • 2012: Lifespan Integration Therapy, Beginning and Advanced Training, LI for Children and Adolescents (April, 2014)
  • 2007: Within My Reach Certified Facilitator

Research & Scholarship


  • 2006 - Doctor of Psychology, (Psy.D.) Clinical Psychology; Wheaton College
  • 2003 - Master of Arts, Clinical Psychology; Wheaton College
  • 2000 - Bachelor of Arts, Psychology and Spanish; Wheaton College

Awards & Honors

  • 2015: Taught graduate level coursework in child and youth counselling in condensed version through Trinity Western University at Sun Yat-Sen University.
  • 2014-present: Elected member of the Board of Directors for the Existential Analysis Society of Canada.
  • 2014: Recipient of the TWU Provost Research Grant Fund for Lifespan Integration Therapy Research.
  • 2013: Recipient of the 2013 Feminist mentoring award, awarded by the Section of Women and Psychology at the Canadian Psychological Association Annual Convention, Quebec City, QB, June 2013.

Recent Publications

Select Publications

Kwee, J. & LaHoz, A. (in press). El Arte de la Consejería Pastoral en Tiempos de Crisis.

Wall, J. Kwee, J., Hu, M., & McDonald, M. (2016). Bridging the researcher-practitioner gap through systematic case study research. Psychotherapy Research, doi: 10.1080/10503307.2015.1136441.

Chou, F., Kwee, J., Buchanan, M., & Lees, R. (2016). Participatory critical incident technique (PaCIT): A participatory action research approach for Counselling Psychology. Canadian Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy, 50(1), 51-74.

Kwee, J. & McBride, H. (2015). Working together for women’s empowerment: Strategies for interdisciplinary collaboration in perinatal care. Journal of Health Psychology, doi: 10.1177/1359105315586211

Chou, F., Kwee, J., Lees, R., Firth, K., Florence, J., Harms, J., Raber, M., Stevens, T., Tatomir, R., Weaver, C., & Wilson, S. (2015). Nothing about us without us! Youth-led solutions to improve high school completion rates. Educational Action Research, doi: 10.1080/09650792.2015.1013047

Allen, M., Kwee, J., & McDonald, M. (2015). Peace promotion among ethnically diverse youth: Reflection on an agency’s vision. Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice, 6(1), 1-14.

Wall, J., J. L. Kwee, M. McDonald, & R. Bradshaw. (2014). Removing Barriers to Athlete Performance Enhancement: A Hermeneutic Case Study of OEI. The Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology, 8, 379-399.

Ohlmann, C. F., J. L. Kwee, & R. Lees. (2014). Listening for the voices of resilience: A group of adolescents’ experiences with a suicide prevention education program. [Special Issue on Youth Suicide Prevention]. The International Journal of Youth and Family Studies, 5(1), 24-46.

Kwee, J. L. & A. Längle. (2013).  Phenomenology in Psychotherapeutic Praxis: An Introduction to Personal Existential Analysis. Experiencing EPIS, a Journal of the Existential and Psychoanalytic Institute and Society, 2(1), 139-163.

Kwee, J. L. (2011). The Adult Survivor: What Healing Is and Is Not. In A.Schmutzer (Ed.), The Long Journey Home: Understanding and Ministering to the Sexually Abused. Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock.

Select Presentations

Klaassen, D., Kwee, J., & Launeanu, M. (2016). “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how” (Nietzsche): An existential therapeutic approach to finding meaning amidst life crises and impasses. Workshop session at the Canadian Psychological Association annual convention, Victoria, BC, June, 2016.

Beyer, C., Chan, E., Kwee, J., Launeanu, M., & McBride, H. (2016). Seeking the body electric: Understanding eating diosrders through embodiment and feminist-existential lenses. Symposium at the Canadian Psychological Association annual convention, Victoria, BC, June, 2016.

Launeanu, M., Kwee, J., Chan, E., McDonald, M., Bartel, T., Drisner, J., Begalka, B. (2016). Clinical supervision in counselling psychology: An integrative developmental-phenomenological approach. Workshop session at the Canadian Psychological Association annual convention, Victoria, BC, June, 2016.

Chan, E., Kwee, J., Drisner, J., & Launeanu, M. (2016). Til we have voices: Listening phenomenologically to voices of healing in psychotherapy research. Presentation at the Ninth annual Giving Voice to Experience Conference: Enriching the practice of psychotherapy through qualitative research. Seattle University, Seattle, WA, January 30, 2016.

Wall, J., Rensch, C., Hu, M., McDonald, M., & Kwee, J. (2015).Re-Envisioning the Role of Systematic Case Studies in Psychotherapy Research. Poster session at the American Psychological Association annual convention, Toronto, ON, August, 2015

Kwee, J., McBride, H., & Howatson, R. (2015). Pregnancy and postpartum mental health: Ecological influences on mothers’ wellbeing. Presentation at the Canadian Psychological Association pre-conference workshop for the Section of Women and Psychology, Ottawa, ON, June 3, 2015.

Klaassen, D., Launeanu, M., & Kwee, J. (2015). From “what if” to what is”: An existential-phenomenological approach to the treatment of anxiety. Workshop session at the Canadian Psychological Association annual convention, Ottawa, ON, June 6, 2015.

Kwee, J. Introduction to Existential Analysis and the structure of the four fundamental motivations. (2015). Presentation at the 1st Existential Psychotherapy International Congress, London, United Kingdom, May 17, 2015.

Kwee, J., Launeanu, M. & Muir, B. (2015). Clinical applications of the fundamental existential motivations, Part II: FM 3 and FM 4. Symposium at the 1st Existential Psychotherapy International Congress, London, United Kingdom, May 17, 2015.

Kwee, J., Launeanu, M., McDonald, M., McBride, H., & Wall, J. (2014). “Thick Psychometrics": Alternative Methodologies and Guidelines for Counselling Practice and Research. Symposium session at the First Congress on the Construction of Personal Meaning, Vancouver, BC, July 2014.

Affiliations & Memberships

Active Credentials

  • Registered Psychologist (#2019); College of Psychologists, BC
  • Licensed Psychologist (PY60146919); Washington State Department of Health, WA, USA
  • Registrant (#52966); National Register of Health Service Psychologists, Washington DC, USA

Professional Affiliation

  • Canadian Psychological Association; Section Member-Counselling Psychology; Executive Member-Women and Psychology
  • The Existential Analysis Society of Canada, Board Member
  • Gender Studies Institute Scholar, Trinity Western University