Community Life Intern


1. Hometown: Abbotsford, BC
2. Favourite Part About The Job: The daily opportunity to meet, connect with and do life with others. I especially love having the chance to introduce people that could potentially relate on various levels and therefore gain a deeper sense of belonging through being known.
3. Favourite TWU Tradition: O-Day is like Christmas to me. (Come ask me why!)
4. CliftonStrengths Top 5: Futuristic, Connectedness, Developer, Positivity, Learner

Maddie was born in White Rock, BC, but spent the majority of her life in Abbotsford. After graduating from high school in 2013, she spent four months in Haiti as a homeschool teacher for a missionary family. In 2014, she began her studies at TWU and graduated in spring 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Linguistics. While studying, she was particularly invested in the commuter community of the Marlie Snider Collegia Program and served as a student leader in various roles (CA, CLA, and CCF).

Maddie is passionate about fostering intentional relationships between students through radical hospitality. This year she is preparing for the transition of the atrium into the new community space, the Trinity Commons, opening in fall 2020. The Trinity Commons will be a gathering space for all members of the TWU community, whether commuter, resident, staff, faculty or friend of the university, to experience an atmosphere of discipleship, learning, and a sense of belonging.

 In her free time, you might find Maddie reading about spiritual and personal development, hospitality, and the intricacies of various languages and the cultures they operate in.  When she isn’t reading, she is probably swing dancing, adventuring or having tea with friends. Maddie loves opening her home to others and strives to increasingly practice sharing the love of Christ by inviting those around her to participate in the greater community.

Research & Scholarship


Degree: TWU – Bachelor of Arts – Major in Applied Linguistics