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I am currently a Tutor/Lecturer at the Wesley Institute, Sydney, Australia, and work part-time for a Christian leadership development company. Prior to that I held senior administrative and teaching positions including Head of English) in several state and private schools in New South Wales. I hold a Doctorate in Literature and Theology from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, and organise conferences in this area in the Sydney region. In the last five years I have had a number of poems and book reviews published in Christianity and Literature and more recently in Expository Times. I have also acted as a manuscript referee on several occasions. Most of my research interest (since completing my doctorate at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, in 1995) has concentrated on the Victorian period (particularly the work of Elizabeth Gaskell) but more recently I have developed a research interest in contemporary Christian verse and Australian literature. For example, in 2006, at the invitation of John Leax, I edited and contributed to Volume 3 of Stonework, the literary journal of Houghton College, New York, introducing a section on Australian Christian verse. I also had an article entitled ‘Contemporary Christian Poets’ published in The Christian Teachers Journal in Australia in 2008. In 2010 an entry I wrote on Luci Shaw was included in Encyclopedia of Christian Literature, published by the Scarecrow Press, USA ( along with entries on Henri Nouwen and Alexander Solzhenitsyn ). My scholarly interests always relate strongly to the interface between Literature and Religion. In 2009 I also had entries, including ‘Annunciation’, included in The Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception, published by W. de Gruyter, Berlin/New York. This year I delivered a public lecture on ‘William and Elizabeth Gaskell and the King James Bible’ at Regent’s Park College, Oxford, and I recently taught a summer intensive course on Australian Literature for Houghton College, New York. My first published collection of verse is forthcoming in early 2012. I am actively involved in my local Baptist church in Sydney, where I am a Deacon, lead services and participate in various aspects of ministry.  

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B.A. (Macquarie), M.A. (Macquarie), M.Ed., (UNSW), Ph.D. (Glasgow), Certificate in Language in Education (Exeter)

Recent Publications

Dr. Stiles, an Australian scholar, completed his Ph.D. in literature and theology at the University of Glasgow in Scotland in 1995. He has published both academic and creative works, his poetry appearing in Christianity and Literature, Set Free (Poems on Freedom), My Brother, My Sister, My Country, The Christian Teachers Journal, Earth Work, Studio, New Beginnings, and Everyday Splendour, and his verse collection, Trumped by Grace, is forthcoming from the Poetica Christi Press.  His scholarly articles on Elizabeth Gaskell have appeared in journals, conference proceedings, and edited collections, including the Gaskell Society Journal. He regularly undertakes book reviews for Christianity and Literature and Expository Times, and organises and speaks at international conferences in the area of literature and theology. This year, for example, he gave a public lecture on ‘William and Elizabeth Gaskell and the King James Bible’ at Oxford University. His latest article is entitled ‘Christmas in Australia’, published in CASE, the quarterly magazine of the Centre for Apologetic Scholarship and Education at New College, University of New South Wales. He has training and experience teaching in both secondary and post-secondary settings and has served in the administration of several educational institutions. He is the Australian representative for Christianity and Literature, a Fellow of the RSA, a Member of the Australian College of Educators, and a Justice of the Peace (NSW).


Australian Literature, Victorian Literature, Modern Christian Poetry, Literature and Theology, Creative Writing, Christian Education