Douglas East Resident Director


1. Hometown: Calgary, Alberta
2. Favourite Part About The Job: My favorite part of this job is getting to be on the front lines of student transformation. As RD’s we get to join the students on their day-to-day walk in becoming young men and women of God. Being a big part of that change has got to be one of the most rewarding things.
3. Favourite TWU Tradition: The campus wide game of ‘Gotcha’ that spans throughout an entire week. I haven’t seen it firsthand yet, but it sounds hilarious. All the stories that come out of that week are so classic. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it all plays out this year.
4. CliftonStrengths Top 5: Positivity, Achiever, Developer, Strategic, Woo

Taylor Howe began at Trinity Western University in August 2019 as the resident director of Douglas East. His work involves leading a team of resident assistants and facilitators who are committed to fostering a vibrant and robust resident community.

As a student, Taylor graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business and administration. Taylor is particularly passionate about specializing in human resources, organizational behavior, and marketing. His joy for helping others through service, empowerment, and godly leadership serves him well as he daily interacts with those he leads. During his stay at university, Taylor was a volleyball player for the University of Winnipeg's U Sport’s team. After completing his bachelor's degree, however, Taylor travelled back to his hometown of Calgary, AB.

While in Calgary, Taylor interned at a Christian not-for-profit organization called Humanitarian Aid Response Teams (HART). Much of Taylor’s time at HART was spent helping run marketing campaigns, co-managing their Child Sponsorship program, and partnering with the organization's president to create short-term business strategies. Taylor concluded his internship at HART by leading a team of young adults to Ukraine to partner with various local churches through ESL schools and camp ministries. During this same year, Taylor also worked at Southview Alliance Church, where he served as the director of young adult ministries.

Research & Scholarship


University of Winnipeg – Bachelor of Business Administration