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Dr. Tony Gallo has four university degrees encompassing the study of Ethnomusicology, Musicology, Contemporary Music, Jazz Studies and Classical, as well as a specialist’s graduate degree in (music teacher) education. His undergraduate degree is in Jazz studies, along with substantial undergraduate degree courses in Classical music. He performs on the tenor, alto, and soprano saxophones, as well as midi sax, flute, and clarinet. Dr. Gallo wrote his PhD dissertation on Ethiopian Orthodox Church music in Canada and continued his ethnomusicological pursuits by doing some teaching in a Sikh school.

Dr. Gallo chaired the music department at Summit Pacific College during 2005-2008, was the head of the instrumental music department at Southwestern A/G University (SAGU) in Texas during 2002-2005, and taught music in the public school system from 1989-2002, and 2008-present.

At Summit, he was in charge of over a dozen employees, ran and taught in the department, revamped their music degree program, and was in charge of four travelling groups and nine on campus groups.  He travelled with this college's premier touring group for three years (of which he was in charge of bookings and performances).

At SAGU, he hired adjunct staff, taught a multitude of music classes and cofounded one of their new degree programs.  He taught numerous courses in music education and internships resulting in supervision/evaluation of students and student teachers.  

He has also taught conducting classes, orchestra, concert band and jazz band, instrumental technique and repertoire classes, and everything including orchestration and arranging, theory, music history, distance education, as well as woodwind instruments in jazz, popular, and "classical" methods.

As a concert and jazz band instructor in the public school system he engaged his students in a number of competitions where he had invitations to the National finals.  One year his jazz group was invited to perform at Parliament Hill, West Block. This is the Canadian equivalent of performing at Capitol Hill. 

Research & Scholarship


  • Ph.D. in Musicology with expertise in Ethnomusicology (l'Université de Montréal)
  • M.F.A. Music of Contemporary Cultures (York University)
  • Studies in Classical Music (McGill University)
  • Diploma in Education, recognition as Music Specialist (McGill University)
  • B.F.A., Specialization in Jazz and Studio Music (Concordia University)

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As a performer, his experiences have been rather eclectic and he considers himself very well rounded.  As a saxophonist he has done solo, combo, big band and orchestral performances.  Many of the experiences above were on radio, television, jazz festivals, and in large concert halls.  In addition, he has participated in traditional, modern, fusion, and avant-garde jazz as well as more popular venues such as gospel, rock, and funk.  Due to his interests and expertise in world music and outreach, he has performed with such artists as sitarist, Shambhu Das. 

  • performances with sitarist Shambhu Das (Ravi Shankar's head sitar teacher at Shankar's school who also gave sitar lessons to George Harrison of the Beatles and jams on occasion with famous jazz guitarist, John McLaughlin)
  • performances on radio (including CBC National radio station in Canada) and television
  • jazz festivals in Montreal and Ottawa, performance at the National Arts Centre, Ottawa Canada.  (Many of those performances were with bassist Normand Guilbeault who won best band at the Montreal Jazz festival).
  • variety of recording experiences, including a self-produced production called Araray Zema (my composition).
  • peformances with gospel artists such as Phil Driscoll, Kathy Trocolli, Ron Kenoly, and appeared on a number of gospel television and radio shows
  • performances in two professional big bands: Lifeline Orchestra in Canada, and Metro Praise Orchestra in Dallas, Texas
  • studied saxophone with Sayyd Abdul Al Khabbyr (who worked with Duke Ellington Big Band, Dizzy Gillespie, and Wynton Marsalis)

Youtube videos  

Dedication to John Coltrane using my 12 Tone Improvisation
Dr Tony Gallo PHD New Improvisations
On the Road to Emmaus
Sitting in with Canadian Legend Nelson Symonds
Sitting in with Canadian Legend Nelson Symonds (2)
Improvisation using Post Modern Scales and 12 Tone Approach
12 tone electronic session: tribute to John McLaughlin

Dr. Tony Gallo, Determination, Sample solo, Advanced Playalong CD
Dr. Tony Gallo, Response to Mahavishnu, Sample solo, Advanced Playalong CD

Recent Publications

Dr. Gallo has two books in circulation as well as an accompaniment CD for the development of improvisational skills in modern jazz fusion. The books, Post Modern Scales for Improvisation: Modal and Retrograde Inversions, Symmetrical Scales, Scales with Special Characteristics, Scale Sequences (A Bridge Between Modality, Tonality, and Atonality), and Improvisation Using the 12 Tone Approach  are valuable for composing and arranging as well as improvisation. The CD, called The Fusion of Tonality, Modality, and Atonality contains original chord charts in several keys, the musical accompaniment, and suggestions on improvisational approach as modern unorthodox scales and 12 tone rows.


Saxophone, Improvisation

Courses Taught

  • Applied Music Lessons - Saxophone
  • Jazz Combo