TWU’s Statement on Diversity and Dignity

Many are troubled by the legal challenges Trinity Western University is facing not only because future law students are being prevented from following their dreams, but also because of what these challenges mean for Canadian diversity.

As Canadians, we’re each profoundly privileged to have the freedom to follow our conscience without threat or withholding of public benefits—a freedom many others in the world lack. Being a diverse, pluralistic society means that everyone, regardless of their faith (or lack of faith) has equal worth and equal right to believe as they choose and live in a way that reflects their beliefs. Diversity also means living and working among people who may hold differing beliefs—and respecting those differences. 

In light of this, Trinity Western University has issued a formal statement on diversity:

The Commitment of the Trinity Western University Community to Human Dignity, Diversity and Respect for Others

Trinity Western University is a learning community with an underlying philosophy and viewpoint that is Christian. Our faith in Jesus Christ, who exemplified extraordinary kindness and sacrificial love for others, calls us to extend hospitality, respect, and dignity to all we encounter.

We are committed to Canada’s values, which reflect the Judeo-Christian principles of freedom, human rights, the immeasurable worth of each human being and justice for all regardless of origin, background, or diverse beliefs.

In living out our faith and values as a Christian community, we acknowledge our deep obligation to respect followers of different faiths and no faith at all. Out of a caring and gracious spirit, we seek to share with others the values and principles of our faith while respecting their right to hold other values. 

We affirm our nation’s diversity in communities and cultures. Although committed to the traditional biblical, Christian view of marriage and sexuality, we seek to walk humbly with our God, treating others who differ with respect, love, dignity, and mercy, and welcoming those who choose to live in respectful recognition of our Christian beliefs and practices.

Because extending love to others is an essential mark of our faith, we denounce all expressions of hatred, harassment, denigration and mistreatment of others.

We, as a community, live, and teach our students to express in action, word and attitude the Bible-based principles of dignity and respect for all others as critical elements of our faith and Christian community, and consistent with the spirit and intent of TWU’s founders.