PSYC 399
Travel Study - Discover the European Psychologists

This travel studies course explores the historical and cultural contexts that influenced the founders of psychoanalytic and logotherapy psychologies. Specifically, this course examines the zeitgeist of Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Alfred Alder, and Viktor Frankl and how the intellectual climate of their time influenced their theories. The existing political, social, religious, and economic forces - including racial discrimination and war - will be studied within the localities that these psychologists lived and practiced to understand the global and European context for psychological thinking and social engagement. This is an experiential group based course where interaction with the various presentations and encounters are processed throughout each day with debriefing and feedback sessions. Engaging the intensity of the experience (e.g. Dachau, Frankl & Jungian Institutes etc.) enables a deeper connection and learning of the social context and the dynamics of racism and global issues.

Third or fourth year psychology majors, or other students with instructor's consent.