Psychology Senior Thesis Poster Session and Defense Schedule

Academic Events
Trinity Western University
Student Life Meeting Room/Reimer Student Center
7600 Glover Road
Langley, BC V2Y 1Y1

Open to the Public

8:45 AM  Anmarie Bezuidenhout
“The Relationship Between Indirect Aggression and Body Size”

9:15 AM  Rena Iwasaki
“The Impact of Bilingualism, Biculturalism and Gender on levels of Expressed Empathy”

10:00 AM Carissa Worrall
“The Impact of Gender on Judgments about Moral Transgressions:  The Role of Individual Differences in Shame, Guilt, and Perfectionism”

11:45 AM  Andre N. Wielemaker
“Manipulation of Women’s Self-Perceived Height”

12:30 PM  MacKenzie Cameron
“Carving a Space of Their Own: The Experiences of Sexual Minority Students at Trinity Western University”

1:15 PM   Alexandra Fuller
“Facilitating and Hindering Aspects of Christian Faith on Gender Transition”

2:00 PM   Hannah Flink
“First Year Student Residence Type as a Predictor of University Adjustment”

2:45 PM   Arianna Balducci
“Motivation and Video Gaming”

Poster Session runs from 9AM- 3:30PM in front of the TWU Bookstore

Oral Defenses will be held in the Student Life Meeting Room adjacent to the TWU Bookstore at the times listed

Sponsored By the Psychology Department

Contact: Phil Laird