Personal Training 

Get Fit with TWU's own certified personal trainers Grant and Shannon.

They are experienced professional trainers who are ready to help you reach your fitness goals.

Personal training is available online or in person.

For more information about Grant and Shannon click here.

Rates before taxes are

  • 3 sessions for $180 ($60 per session)
  • 6 sessions for $342 ($57 per session)
  • 9 sessions for $486 ($54 per session) 

Purchase Sessions online HERE

For more information please contact Michelle Grierson or click below to fill out your intake form.


Student Personal Trainers

Low Cost Personal Training with TWU’s own Student Personal Trainers!

  • Student Training 1 Session: $50.00
  • Student Training 3 Sessions: $131.25 or $43.75 per session
  • Student Training 5 Sessions: $187.50 or $37.50 per session
  • Student Training 10 Sessions: $312.50 or $31.25 per session

Prices are before all applicable taxes.

Contact Michelle Grierson if you are interested in becoming a student trainer.


Small Group Personal Training

Unsure if one on one personal training is right for you? We got you covered! Introducing small group personal training sessions.

All levels welcome

Student Personal Trainer lead

  • Maximum of 4 people can participate at one time
  • Cheap cheap cheap! $3 - per session, $15 - for 6 sessions, $24 - for 10 sessions
  • Small Group SPT sessions are 45 minutes long

For more information and available times please contact Michelle Grierson.

Small Group Student Personal Training sessions can also be used for Fitness Classes!

If you purchase a multi-session/class option you may use them for both classes or small group sessions.

Purchase your pack at front desk or online, and then check in with your student personal trainer or fitness instructor at the start of your workout!

  • 1 Session $3
  • 6 Sessions $15
  • 10 Sessions $24
  • 20 Sessions $48

Meet our Trainers

Shannon Friesen 

Hi! My name is Shannon Friesen. I grew up being very active and playing sports like basketball and volleyball. Before becoming a Personal Trainer I was a Rehabilitation Assistant. Which I enjoyed doing for a few years before having kids. Then as life changed so did my career. Being a Personal Trainer has been an amazing experience. I have loved meeting different people at different stages in their fitness journeys. I enjoy seeing people reach their goals and be able to help them push through different barriers that they may not have done before.  
It's rewarding writing up a functional, weight training, HIIT, or circuit program and being able to challenge my clients with whichever method of exercise they prefer or need! Using new methods to keep it fun and challenging.
It's a very rewarding career!

Certifications - BCRPA Personal trainer, Emergency first Aid/CPR-C,
Rehabilitation Assistant
TRX Training
Aging Athletes Course

Grant Truong

Hey everyone, my name is Grant Truong. I have been physically active since I was a young boy. Through all those years, I have seen all the benefits exercise has on my physical health as well as my mental health. Physical fitness is an important part of life, I understand not everyone wants to be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger because honestly that would be ridiculous, unless that’s your goal then good on you. We want to get strong to make everyday life easier, be it lifting all your groceries in 1 try, or going up a flight of stairs without gassing out or even just having enough stamina to play with your kids.  I have been a BCRPA certified personal trainer for 2 years now. In those two years I have met so many amazing people that I had the pleasure of training and helping them reach their goals. The easy step is starting, the hardest step is staying consistent and that’s what i’m here for.