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The Specialization in Children’s Ministry exists to empower Children's Ministry leaders for gospel ministry through the provision of quality, innovative, biblically-faithful training and education.

We firmly believe that strong skills in theology, teaching, leadership, and children’s spiritual formation make for competent and capable children’s pastors.

Courses in the Specialization are offered on a two-year cycle and are available at the graduate, undergraduate, and not-for-credit levels.

Courses are taught from an evangelical perspective and are open to students of various denominations who agree with the NBS Statement of Faith.

If you are interested in applying, please contact CME Executive Assistant, Nikki Lanigan (


Each course will teach on various aspects of Children’s Ministry while considering the heart and skills necessary for strong Children’s Ministry leadership.

Course 1: Children’s Ministry: Creating a Culture, Understanding a Culture

This course will examine the leaders role in creating a culture, understanding contemporary culture, and changing a culture. In light of these, we will examine: the worldview and culture of a child and the implications this has for outreach and evangelism; the ‘relational’ culture of a child from family systems to anxiety and depression, and the affect these have on spiritual development; and the child in the Old Testament and New Testament, placing the child in the culture of the church.

Course 2: Children’s Ministry Foundations

In both leadership and Children’s Ministry certain theological and philosophical foundations must be understood to allow for effective gospel communication. Hence, we will consider the importance of paying attention to our relationship with Christ, creating space in our lives for worship and study, and cultivating rhythms for spiritual discipline. It will study the developmental and spiritual developmental stages of children. It will establish parents as the primary spiritual teachers for their children, and consider ministry to families. It will also study the Bible’s teaching on biblical discipline, applied both within the home and in the classroom.

Course 3: Spiritual Formation of a Child

This course recognizes that the spiritual growth of those being served by a ministry/leader, is often reciprocal to the spiritual state of the leader themselves. Hence, we will look at the building blocks for spiritual leadership and self-leadership. In turn we will examine the spiritual lives of children considering discipleship and worship, and conversion, baptism and communion, building upon the developmental stages from Course 2. We will also look at Children’s Ministry administration including volunteers, vision, values, and objectives, as these directly relate to spiritual discipline development strategies for kids.

Course 4: Teaching, Learning and Supportive Care

This course will consider the more tangible aspects of Children’s Ministry leadership: practicing exemplary leadership, mentoring and developing others, communication, authority, and conflict resolution. We will look at the practical side of Children’s Ministry programming from teaching and learning styles, to curriculum, to children with supportive care needs.

Tuition Cost: $337.50 per credit hour (graduate); $372 per credit hour (undergraduate); $254 per credit hour (not-for-credit)


The team at Northwest Baptist Seminary wants to be your first choice for ministry leadership development. The Specialization in Children's Ministry was created by children’s pastors for children’s pastors and those interested in the field of children’s spirituality and Children’s Ministry. For more information, click here.