All expense reimbursements from Tri-Agency grants must comply with their policies. See the links below.

  • Use of Grant Funds - information on eligible and ineligible expenses
  • Supporting Evidence - what needs to go with a payment request (note: at TWU the countersigning signature is the Vice Provost of Research and Graduate Studies)

Consultants/Independent Contractors

Use this form when you are paying someone to provide a specific service for you (e.g., transcriptionist).

Guidelines for Determining Employment Relationships

Independent Contractor Agreement Form - Grant holders

Expense Reimbursement

Please note that the University does cheque runs every two weeks.  All reimbursement requests need to be submitted to Sue Funk, Suite 101, Fosmark for signature. Do not put expenses for a grant on a cheque request with other university expenses (e.g., Pro-D fund reimbursements, department expenses). The expenses for your grant should be the only expenses on the cheque request.

Click here to read the TWU Research Travel Policy.  This policy will be applied to all travel expenses.

Payment Processing Schedule Summer 2016

Non-Resident Tax Withholding Information (for payments to non-residents for services done in Canada)
Non Resident Tax Questionnaire (to be filled out when payment for non-residents)

Guidelines for Cheque Requests

Cheque Request Form

Kilometre/Parking Reimbursement Form