The ethics board will be temporarily closed as of june 24

Applications received after Wednesday, June 23 will enter the review process when the HREB re-opens on July 12

All applications to conduct research with human participants MUST use the MOST RECENT application form and be submitted to the Human Research Ethics Board at

Applications from Trinity researchers MUST be managed through a Trinity email address ( or


FOR Primary investigators

  1. Download the appropriate application form from CREATE HREB APPLICATION.
  2. Fill in and digitally sign the field-protected form on your computer by clicking View > Edit.
  3. Send the application to the appropriate person for review, FROM YOUR TRINITY EMAIL.
    1. If you are a FACULTY RESEARCHER: send your filled-out and signed application to your Department Chair or Dean from your email.
    2. If you are a STUDENT RESEARCHER: send your filled-out and signed application to your supervisor or instructor from your email. Once they have approved it they will sign it and send it to your Department Chair or Dean, who will sign it and send it to the HREB Coordinator.


  1. Receive a signed application from your student.
  2. Review the application for scholarly merit and completion, and complete a Supervisor Review Form.
    1. Satisfactory application: sign the application and send it--along with the Supervisor Review Form--to your Department Chair or Dean from your email.
    2. Unsatisfactory application: return the application and review form to your student and continue to review the edited application until it is satisfactory.


  1. Receive a signed application from your faculty member.
  2. Review the application to confirm whether or not there is adequate infrastructure to support this research.
    1. If there is adequate research infrastructure in place, AND the application bears all appropriate signatures, you will sign the application and send it to the HREB Coordinator from your email.
    2. If the application does not indicate adequate research infrastructure, OR is missing any signatures, you will return the application to the faculty member for revision.

Applications must be signed by the Primary Investigator, Supervisor (if PI is a student), and the Department Chair or Dean, AND be received from a Trinity email address, in order to be accepted. If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact the HREB Coordinator at or leave a message at 604-513-2167.