INTERNAL APPLICATION Deadline for Summer 2020: FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 4:00 P.M.

Applications for Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA) must be completed and submitted to the Canadian university where you wish to hold an award through NSERC's On-line System. Selected applications are submitted to NSERC by universities. No applications for university awards may be submitted directly to NSERC.

Amount of Award: $9300 ($4500 NSERC funding, plus $4800 supplemental funding)

Term of Award: 16 consecutive weeks, on a full-time basis (40 hours/week)

Visit NSERC USRA for full details of the program, including application instrcutions and eligibility. 

Additional online resources:

RESEARCH APTITUDE form. This form is used by the selection committee to assess your research aptitude. Do not upload it into the NSERC application site. It should be submitted directly to the Scholarship Liaison Officer, Office of Reserach & Graduate Studies.

SUPERVISOR ELIGIBILITY for NSERC USRA: Tenure-track faculty in NSERC eligible disciplines.

*NSERC will be updating its online information in January 2020.


Recipient Name Supervisor Research Project
Nathan Ahrendt Sam Pimentel, PhD Modeling upper ocean temperatures in the Salish Sea
Mikayla Bakker Eve Stringham, PhD Osmotic stress and pathogen resistance
Maria Goncharova David Clements, PhD Dispersal, germination, and performance of hybrid knotweed seeds
Samuel Louw Chad Friesen, PhD Telechelic perfluoropolyalkylethers containing micro-carbon cages
Peter Mittermaier Anita Cote, PhD Adaptive ventricular-vascular interactions following high-intensity interval training
Justin van Heek Herbert Tsang, PEng, PhD Design Space Exploration - Understanding Human Movements

*All USRA recipients are required to present a project at the annual TWU Undergraduate Research Conference in the Spring semester.

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