A Child Named Charity

My husband Claire and I have added a child to our family – no need to be concerned as to why at our age! The name of our new child “Charity” will be added to our will.

While we certainly do not intend to disinherit our two daughters and grandchildren, we have chosen to create a legacy with “Charity’s” portion. Our children understand our intention to be good stewards of what God has given us through our estate.

“Charity” will fund the Warnock Family Scholarship and this annual award, given in perpetuity, will provide hard working students (who could not otherwise attend TWU) the chance to learn, grow and gain the skills they need for a life of success, meaning and purpose.

By adding “Charity,” our estate will receive a charitable tax receipt which will offset any estate tax. Through our will, our family is taken care of and our legacy will continue.

I want to challenge you to join us and include an extra child named “Charity” as one of your beneficiaries, so that your favorite charitable organization would receive a portion of your estate.

What will your Legacy be?

I would like to offer you a COMPLIMENTARY estate plan. To speak with an estate specialist with Advisors With Purpose (at no obligation or cost for this service) – call 604-513-2033 or email me warnock@twu.ca.