Welcome to our Business Card Ordering Portal.

This service has been set-up for internal teams to order (or re-order) custom business cards in an easy and efficient manner by choosing from a selection of TWU business card designs created according to the corporate brand guide.

The corporate brand of Trinity Western University serves to advance the Mission of our University by providing a brand platform for engaging with internal and external constituencies in a consistent and cohesive manner aimed at clearly communicating our value as an organization. Business cards are a tangible expression of the corporate TWU brand and designed accordingly.


Payment for all business card orders are the sole responsibility of the individual and department placing the order and require an active GL code and a signed and approved proof to move into production.

All orders are subject to additional approval by a representative from the Marketing & Communications department to ensure compliance and adherence to corporate brand standards.

If you have any questions regarding business cards please contact: buscards@twu.ca

Types of Business Cards

Four categories of business card designs are available in accordance with the corporate organizational structure as follows:

  1. Corporate Brand – the default design for all individuals within the organization that do not belong to one of the custom sub-groups created according to the corporate brand guide.
  2. Schools & Faculties – each school and faculty has a custom sub-group design to represent their academic business unit and area of specialty in accordance with the corporate brand guide.
  3. Sub-Brand – a limited number of internal groups require custom brand treatments according to the nature of their engagement with their constituencies. The goal is to limit the number of these externally facing sub-brands to ensure corporate brand consistency and continuity.
  4. Branch Campuses – this design is for those individuals whose primary place of work is one of our branch campuses (ie. Richmond). All other individuals please default to the primary corporate address. 

Functional departments (ie. Office of Research & Graduate Studies) or divisions (ie. GLOBAL) are to represent their respective area within the ‘department’ line of the business card template and as a result do not require custom logos and business cards which come at additional effort and expense.

If you do not see a specialized business card template for your respective area, please default to using the Corporate Brand design that correlates with the location that serves as your primary place of work.

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