The University Events is now part of the larger Office of Community Engagement (OCE), which also includes Alumni, Community Partnerships, Community Relations & Church Relations. With a mandate to work collaboratively to design, build and execute compelling points of engagement for strategic segments of the University’s community, the OCE is working to deliver successful events that advance key objectives outlined in the University’s business plan. At this time UEvents is establishing or upgrading systems, processes and protocols. To that end, UEvents is pleased to introduce a new supported events system designed to assist event producers in our community.

UNIVERSITY Events has three goals:

  • To maximize success opportunities for all events
  • To ensure that the TWU brand is appropriately represented through all TWU events
  • To function as a hub of collaboration & coordination with on campus event-related service providers.

Event-Related Service Providers

Event Assessment Form

Any events branded as “Trinity Western University” and/or requiring assistance from any of the above on campus event-related providers will now be asked to have the Event Assessment Form completed and reviewed by UEvents as a first step in event production. These events include any events with TWU affiliation; either in name, constituent group, etc. that require assistance from any event-related provider.

The Assessment Form is designed to assist an on campus event producer/planner identify the various logistical requirements to consider in order to establish a framework for success.


  1. Download the Event Assessment Form here.
  2. Complete the form and submit to UEvents for review.

Ensuring Event Success

The new supported events system for all TWU brand events has 3 steps:

  1. An event producer/planner completes the Event Assessment Form with all the details of the event, and sends it to UEvents.
  2. UEvents reviews the Event Assessment and notes any requested assistance from UEvents and/or on campus event-related providers as well as identifying planning deficits.
  3. Upon completion of UEvents reviewing the Events Assessment Form, UEvents emails the event producer/planner with one of the following recommendations:
    • Recommend – UEvents believes the event will succeed as outlined and recommends proceeding
    • Recommend With Changes – UEvents believes the event can succeed but advises some small to medium changes required
    • Have Concerns – UEvents strongly advises large changes be made before proceeding to ensure success
    • Do Not Recommend – UEvents believes the event will not be successful as outlined and does not recommend proceeding

    UEvents will copy into the response email any on campus event-related service providers (including University Communications, Sodexo, Conferences, etc) in order to introduce them to the event and to coordinate participation. The event-related service providers will use the Event Assessment Form to consider how they will proceed with supporting the producer/planner’s event.

As part of the new system, event-related service providers will not be able to provide any assistance until steps 1-3 have been completed.


University Events is happy to connect with you and assist you throughout the process of producing your event. Contact us.