Responsible Automation: Faith and Work in an Age of Intelligent Machines

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Christ Covenant Church, (PCA)
6866 Glover Rd.
(access via Maxwell Crescent)
Langley, BC

Guest Lecture, Derek Schuurman, PhD, “Responsible Automation: Faith and Work in an Age of Intelligent Machines”

All are welcome to this free lecture, with guest, Derek Schuurman, PhD, Professor of Computer Science, Calvin College.

Dr. Schuurman is author of Shaping a Digital World: Faith, Culture and Computer Technology (InterVarsity Press, 2013).


As the digital revolution and automation rapidly transform the economy, many warn that robotics and artificial intelligence could lead to the “end of work.” Hear how norms informed by a Christian perspective for responsible technology can help us responsibly harness the possibilities of new technologies while ensuring flourishing for humans and the rest of creation.

Sponsored by TWU Mathematical Sciences Department, Geneva Society, and the Canadian Scientific & Christian Affiliation