The East Africa travel study and field experience is interdisciplinary, and has attracted students across various majors, particularly Media + Communication, International Development and International Studies, Geography and Environmental Studies, Linguistics, Education, Business, and Religious Studies. The program involves pre-trip preparation and post-trip completion of academic assignments.  

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You are required to take two, but may take additional East Africa May 2018 course offerings. Note that senior students, who take their last two courses on a travel study, fulfill their graduation requirements with the following program courses.  

MCOM 396 / GEOG 396 • East Africa Field Study  
This interdisciplinary and experiential course fosters interaction with diverse physical and human environments. It provides exposure to the region's history, religions, politics, and socio-economic realities that shape the communication and cultures of East Africa. (3 s.h.). Prerequisites: None

IDIS 450 (MCOM 451) • Transformational Development and Leadership 
Explore social and humanitarian responses to critical social issues such as poverty. Learn to perceive leadership through cultural, political, economic religious, and historical lenses. (3 s.h. meets IDIS requirement for graduation). Prerequisites: 70 s.h.

MCOM 372 / ANTH/LING 302  Cross-Cultural Communication 
This course explores various cultural systems including social structure, value and belief systems. It highlights principles of cultural adaptation and cross-cultural interaction. (3 s.h.). Prerequisites: None

ANTH 390 / MCOM 390 • Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective 
Survey global gender themes through comparative analysis and field experiences. Study the cultural construction of gender and personhood as shaped by cultural practices and ideologies, and gain perspective on how authority serves to limit or empower women. (3 s.h.) Prerequisites: None

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E. Ruth Anaya, DLitt et Phil
Prof. Anaya teaches in the School of the Arts, Media + Culture and the School of Business. Her expertise and research is in cross-cultural communication, global leadership – specifically Sub-Saharan Africa leadership, and international development in both East Africa and Central America. Her passion is to expose students to global leaders and effective leadership, to culture and change, and to promote social justice and explore solutions for alleviating poverty.

Read a feature article on Muhanda and the Kenya Travel Study in the Trinity Western University Magazine: Daughter of our Community.

Petra Anaya, MA
Petra Anaya, the coordinator and cultural expert for the program, is a multi-lingual Canadian, Kenyan by birth. He is a financial planner by profession. For the last 23 years, he has also worked in international community development, as well as in international business. Petra is the International Director of Hands-On Development Initiatives International.  


E. Ruth Anaya, DLitt et Phil 
ph: 604-513-2121 ext. 3143