SAMC 420 (IDIS 420) • Arts, Media + Culture Travel Study 
An interdisciplinary fine arts travel study that encourages students to think about the divinely endowed gifts of human creativity as expressed in arts, including visual arts, theatre and music. On-site lectures/discussions, visits to art galleries and museums, and attendance at a number of concerts and plays challenges students to develop and deepen their biblically-informed aesthetic on the role of the fine arts in both illuminating and enriching their lives. Most course activities will take place in London and Paris proper but day trips to places such as Oxford and Versailles are also planned. Visits to key cultural sites are also included to enhance the student's understanding of the cultural history of these cities. This class is required by all who participate in the travel study.

Second course - Choose one of the following:

ART 490 - A Tale of Two Cities

We learn to "read" the culture, politics, and religious history of these two magnificent cities, wiht their wide range of art and architecture as the "required texts."

MCOM 390 - Travel Writing and Journalism

Read, discuss, and analyze travel literature in order to understand the conventions of travel writing and learn how to write your own travel-based essays.

THTR 390 - Theatre and Criticism

Amidst the richness of London's West End, one of the world's pre-eminent theatre districts, we examine the role of the critic in the contemporary theatre.

WRSH 490 - Worship and the City

Explore some of the world's most famous churches (old and new, tourist destinations as well as places of worship), asking how they respond to and reflect contemporary urban culture through the arts.


David Squires, Ph.D. 
Dr. David Squires is Dean of the School of the Arts, Media + Culture at Trinity Western University. A long-time university professor and composer, he has also served as a worship pastor for several churches across Canada. He has an extensive catalogue of chamber, choral, and orchestral compositions written for professionals, students, and amateurs. David is passionate about interdisciplinary connections among the arts, and particularly enjoys mentoring students in hands-on learning situations. All of this makes London and Paris ideal classrooms!

ph: 604-513-2121 ext. 3469
office: Music Building